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Join Us for a Safer Digital Public Sphere – Addressing Gender-Based Cyber Violence Event on May 29th in Brussels

Join us in Brussels on May 29th at 6:00 pm for a crucial event addressing gender-based cyber violence. Organized by Brussels Binder, the UK Mission to the EU, EWMD International, and Collabwith, this event aims to shed light on the alarming issue of gender-related online abuse and harassment, offering insights into effective strategies for creating a safer digital public sphere.

In today’s digital era, the internet has transformed the way we live, work, and connect with one another. While it offers unparalleled opportunities for communication and collaboration, it also presents significant challenges, particularly for women and girls who face gender-based cyber violence and harassment.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, May 29th, at 6:00 pm at the British Residence in Brussels for a crucial event aimed at addressing this pressing issue. Organized by Brussels Binder, the UK Mission to the EUEWMD International, and Collabwith, this event seeks to raise awareness about the pervasive nature of gender-related online abuse and harassment, and to explore effective strategies for creating a safer digital public sphere.

Understanding Gender-Based Cyber Violence

Recent studies have highlighted the alarming prevalence of gender-based cyber violence, which disproportionately targets women and girls. From intimate image abuse to the use of “deep fake” technology, these forms of abuse have become worryingly common in today’s digital landscape. Shockingly, statistics show that 1 in 2 young women has experienced gender-related cyber violence. Additionally, a survey among women MPs revealed distressing figures, with 85% reporting instances of psychological violence and nearly half facing threats of rape or physical violence.

Taking Action is crucial

Despite the widespread nature of gender-based online abuse, many incidents go unreported, underscoring the urgent need for action. The event will provide a platform to discuss the impact of gender-related cyber violence on our society and to explore existing government policies and initiatives aimed at addressing this issue. We’ll delve into directives such as the Directive on violence against women and domestic violence, as well as the UK’s Online Safety Act, while also discussing additional measures needed to combat this alarming problem.

What to Expect from the Event

The event will kick off with registration at 6 pm, allowing attendees the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded individuals. Welcoming remarks and introductions will be followed by insightful sessions delving into the nuances of gender-related cyber violence and effective strategies for addressing it. The event will conclude at 9 pm. The speakers will represent various sectors, including the private sector/industry, EU institutions, academia/research, and NGOs/civil society/independent organizations. We’re excited to bring together diverse perspectives and expertise to tackle the issue of gender-based cyber violence. 

Join Us!

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