We want to help you to grow your organization with creativity and innovation from us, from our startups, from industry leaders and from academics. For this reason, we are creating a global virtual ecosystem for innovation and collaboration.

<strong>Jara Pascual</strong>
Jara Pascual

Founder & CEO: Jara is making sure that our customers are happy and that we met our deadlines with them. Besides, she is keeping the team calm and performing with emotional intelligence.

<strong>Christian Schultz</strong>
Christian Schultz

CTO, DevOps: Christian is ensuring that the backend is performing 99% of the time, not only with the server administration and security but also for the intelligence behind our algorithms.

<strong>Jehad Slman</strong>
Jehad Slman

Front-end developer: Jehad makes the impossible, possible. He is a master on REACT front end but also he is a problem solver at any level of programing.

<strong>Serena Crotti</strong>
Serena Crotti

Communications & design: Serena is preparing our communication for social media, articles, flyers and managing that our Collabwith colors are kept into place beautifully.

<strong>Ava Hutchison</strong>
Ava Hutchison

Collaboration & community: Ava is onboarding users into our several platforms to ensure they create a super cool profile ready for collaboration. Ava is also ensuring that the members are collaborating among them to create cool collaborations.

<strong>Alejandra Nettel</strong>
Alejandra Nettel

Podcast edition: Alejandra is editing our podcast episodes “Business of Collaboration” with detailed sound precision and beautiful cuts.

<strong>Dolores Santonja</strong>
Dolores Santonja

Team assistant: Dolores is making sure that our customers has a smooth onboarding and we help them with kindness and with our experience at best.

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