We support entrepreneurs, academics and innovation leaders with our framework and methodology of emotional intelligence for innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

Our workshop portfolio

We have specialized training created by our team of psychology and business experts to create effective and long term collaborations. Our methodology is based on 15 years of experience in innovation and collaboration and 30 years of experience in psychology and emotional intelligence.

  • Entrepreneurship with Emotional Intelligence
  • Collaboration x Innovation with the Collaboration Canvas
  • Successful Collaboration between Academia-University-Startups
  • High Performing Teams for Collaboration
  • Innovation Ecosystems
  • Innovation Leadership
  • Innovation Community
  • Emotional Intelligence for Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovation Procurement
  • Selling Innovation
  • University Ventures
  • Emotional Intelligence for Learning & Teaching
  • How to be ready for the Future
  • How to understand your needs for Innovation
  • How to Calculate the Budget for Innovation
  • How to prepare and lead an EU Grant Proposal

Learn more about each workshop

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Workshop Entrepreneurship with Emotional Intelligence

2-hours workshop on how to understand the secrets of entrepreneurship. This workshop is an introduction to the Entrepreneurship Journey Canvas to support the startups to create a mindset for resilience and growth.

Workshop Collaboration x Innovation with the Collaboration Canvas

2-hours workshop on how to collaborate with structured and emotional intelligence. This workshop is an introduction to the “Collaboration Journey” and the Collaboration Canvas to support the academics and startups to collaborate for growth.

Workshop High Performing Teams for Collaboration & Startups

This is a 2 hours workshop to create a High Performing Team using Emotional Intelligence to become a powerful leader by improving your leadership skills and your team performance. The Canvas “High Performing Teams with Emotional Intelligence” will be introduced during the workshop.

Workshop Innovation Ecosystem

2 hours workshop to learn how to create and lead an innovation ecosystem from your university and your academics. This workshop is an introduction to the “Innovation Ecosystem Canvas” to understand the baseline to create a high performing innovation ecosystem.

Workshop Innovation Leadership

2 hours workshop to learn how to lead through leadership for change, transformation  and bringing people together to work together. This workshop is an introduction to “Innovation Leadership”, to “Innovation Leadership Canvas” and the framework of “Innovation Leadership with Emotional Intelligence” to shift to a modern and effective way of leadership.

Workshop Innovation Community

2 hours to learn how to create and lead a community for innovation from university and their academics. This workshop is an introduction to the “Innovation Community Canvas” and setup the basics to create a community for innovation.

Workshop Emotional Intelligence for Artificial Intelligence

2 hour workshop to become a “service designer“ ready to develop a tech for good and a positive technology using emotional intelligence techniques in the service design process.

Workshop Innovation Procurement

2 hours workshop to introduce the techniques of ”Innovation Procurement” and “Partnership Innovation” to co-create innovation together between industry and university. This workshop provides best practises and tools to effectively help companies and industry to purchase innovative solutions from university via a clear innovation procurement process.

Workshop Selling Innovation

2 hour workshop to learn new efficient tools and skills to sell innovation from a psychological perspective, based on needs and benefits for both parties. The “Selling Innovation Canvas“  is a framework very easy to use, to understand and to apply from academics and from universities.

Workshop University Ventures

2 hour workshop to understand the impact of business angels, VCs and funds to help universities and academics. Learn how to create a fund for your university. What does it mean to create a fund for the university? This workshop focuses on the benefits and strategies to create a fund to positively impact the industry and society from university research results. Investors are responsible for what kind of innovations and innovative solutions are going to the market and which ones are not.

Workshop Emotional Intelligence for Learning

2 hour workshop to become a “high-performing learning student“ ready to learn and to manage difficult and stressful situation such as the covid19 pandemic and all-time-digital learning period. Emotional and positive mood and emotions are the information for making the right decisions. Emotional intelligence skills are the tools to help students and lectures to overcome the frustration, how to manage conflict and create a resilient environment. Our answer is using Emotional Intelligence Skills.

Workshop How to Calculate the Budget for Innovation

2 hours workshop to learn about how to calculate the budget for your innovation team, for your innovation projects and for your innovation activities. Introduction to the “Calculators” and formulas to get your budget right and clear to present to your management and your project coordinator. It’s time to re-think the budget for next year, and it’s good to reflect what you do need, what are the priorities and how you can create a new budget to high perform in innovation.

Workshop How to Prepare and Lead a EU Grant Proposal

2 hours workshop to learn about how to manage a new consortium with emotional intelligence while preparing a proposal for a EU grant call. Introduction to two different canvas “Public Grants Canvas” to discover and visualize what you need and be ready to contact other partners. And the “Proposal Canvas” to structure and make smooth your process to write a proposal together with the new consortium including the factor of emotional intelligence.

Workshop Successful Collaboration between Academia-University-Startups

This is a workshop to learn about becoming a powerful collaborator by improving your Collaboration Leadership skills and your Collaboration Team performance.

It is impossible to do innovation alone, and hence collaboration is critical to make it work and to bring innovation to the market and cause a positive impact. 

The collaboration journey is a structure, a transparent and clear process that shows which phase you are in in the course of a collaboration. It gives you a guide to what you have to do in each phase, which contracts are needed, which information is required and how to communicate to be able to go to the next phase. Since we are talking about innovation, we are dealing with the subjects of uncertainty, risk and trust. You can only succeed if you are transparent, clear, honest and every “collaborator” knows the current phase, and what information is needed. 

Collaborating for innovation is an activity that can comprise co-brainstorming, co-creation, co-designing, co-researching, co-developing, co-prototyping, co-implementing, co-executing, co-going-to-market, co-adopting with experts, academics, startups, investors and other types of partners you can imagine in your value chain and ecosystem. 

Workshop How to be ready for the Future

You will learn about how to transform your organization to be ready for the future, thinking in a different way, and not doing Innovation.

Introduction to the techniques to think about the future of your organization without talking about innovation.

🔐 Innovative organizations are not talking about innovation, they are doing innovation.

🔐 The future is already written by the VC investment, research results and alive-startups. But first, you have to focus on yourself and your organization.

🔐 Future sometimes is about technology, sometimes about strategy, sometimes about a new way of thinking.. let’s discover it together!

🔐 From a philosophical question to a roadmap for your future.

Workshop How to understand your needs for Innovation

You will learn that you will understand your needs, where you need to focus your attention and energy to create an innovative organization. Needs are about collaboration and about future. Future thinking is not about brainstorming futuristic or science-fiction ideas, it’s about thinking about your organization in different levels and dimensions to make it strong, innovative and resilient. This workshop will introduce the “Needs canvas” and the “Innovative Organization Canvas”.

*We have extra trainings and workshops from our partners, contact us and we make a plan for you. If you are not ready, then, first get the monthly innovation exercises.

The book

Every workshop comes with a specific framework and canvas from the book “Innovation and Collaboration in the Digital Era”. Every canvas is a guide for your daily work for innovation and collaboration. It’s a way to learn and practise all the learnings from every workshop. If you are not ready, then, first get the monthly innovation exercises.

This is a powerful book full of practical frameworks and one-page canvases which act as reminders of the value of making needs and expectations explicit. The author provides frameworks and tools that can be used to support collaboration journeys across different sectors and organizations. She also offers clarity to the reader for their innovation journey and brings a new perspective on how to innovate and understand innovation.

Meet your trainers

Jara Pascual, our CEO Collabwith will lead your workshops and training with her more than 15 years of experience on innovation from R&D labs to corporate innovation. Jara Pascual is author of the book “Innovation and Collaboration in the Digital Era” and she is holding positions as a Board Member in the Knowledge4Innovation Forum in the European Parliament, Chair of the WG Innovation Ecosystems at AIOTI, Board member of AMIT-MIT, co-founder EuroSpaceHub and CEO Collabwith Group.

Celia Avila-Rauch is PhD on Medical Psychology and Master Behavioral Science at University Autonomous of Barcelona. Master in aviation psychology, PhD candidate in space psychology. Medicine Faculty and certified by European Certificate Psychotherapy, World Certificate Psychotherapy, Certificate as Supervisor in cognitive behavior Orientation in Munich, Germany. She specialized on emotional intelligence by the EI Skills Group at Yale University Certificate MSCEIT ™ Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotionally Intelligence. She is actively working with the European branch PER LAB in Florence, Italy. She is also trained with Alba Emoting and Breath Xpress techniques. She is passionate of the sea, the mountains and the cosmos, as well as interculturality. She currently lives in Munich, Germany.

If you are not ready, then, first get the monthly innovation exercises.