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Empowering Innovation Through Collaboration

You can use the Collabwith digital platform for your open innovation projects and ideas inside and outside your team and organization with access to european funding, courses, resources and experts immediately to increase your innovation capacity with collaborations.

What to expect inside the digital platform

Connect with other ecosystems

Find specific innovation ecosystems from clusters or communities who are open to innovate and collaborate.

Write proper requests of collaboration

This is a dream, where you can write and send structure proposals of collaborations to like minded innovators.

Get a community support from us and others

You are not alone, we have a team to support you, to listen to your needs and help you to move forward.

Learn how to become an innovation leader

Become an innovation expert and innovation leader with the knowledge from our academy courses and masterclasses.

Use methodologies for collaboration

You get guidelines and frameworks in PDF and videos how to collaborate effectively without losing your time.

Select your perfect european funding

Access immediately to a marketplace full and diverse of european funding and innovation programs.

Find your partners for consortiums

If you need an academic, an university, or a startup, or SME or a corporate or other consultants and experts.

Access to free resources to grow

You find a section full or free resources, small trainings, reports, guides, frameworks for innovation management.


European funding












If you are an ecosystem coordinator and you need a digital tool to support your work and daily tasks. Contact us to discuss how to work hybrid, with your local communities and in remote with partners.

Magazine and podcasts

This is simple, we want to help you to innovate, with knowledge, courses, access to finance, access to experts, access to communities. Until now, you have done something, but if you are reading this website, now you are ready for your next step with the support of a digital platform.