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Our Manifesto

We live in an age of accessible information where we can share, engage, and connect with anyone we like in any way that we want, regardless of location. Nevertheless, when it comes to getting in touch with the brightest minds, thinkers, and academics, startups, businesses are confronted with a time-consuming process characterized by high uncertainty of success and with a limited network.

It’s inconceivable that the smartest people and the most innovative companies are still using the most old-fashioned way of connecting and collaborating. We are convinced that more common and better-facilitated cooperation will lead to better and smarter solutions, faster.

Research has shown that both businesses (including startups) and academics would like to cooperate and interact more. Both sectors recognize the potential and benefits of streamlined collaboration for all involved. But without a solid system, this opportunity remains unseized.

Collabwith believes academic research potential should be open and accessible for use in day-to-day business practices. We are committed to providing businesses and startups better access to the insights and ideas of the brightest academic minds.

Together we break down the barrier between academics, startups and the business world. Innovation has never been so accessible.

Our Collaboration for Innovation Decalogue

  1. Help people to be nice, kind and caring to each other, and build relationships among innovators and collaborators.

2. You learn together, help each other, so focus on positive interactions to generate positive energy and deal with difficult people.

3. You look for issues and needs to solve proactively, and then you find the right collaborator to solve it.

4. You look actively for new trends and innovations around you, whatever the industry and the topic to inspire you and connect new dots.

5. You drive change because they feel it, that you, your team and your organization need to make an evolution and don’t be stuck.

6. You need structure to create and successfully orchestrate the ecosystem because the objective is to bring people together from different backgrounds with a common purpose of innovation and collaboration.

7. Innovation is for everyone, entrepreneurs, researchers, team leaders and organizations (small or big) that want to create their own innovative solutions and collaborations and really make innovation happen.

8. Together you are stronger but also is the only way to bring innovation to the market and being adopted.

9. Bring value and bring people together. But also you have to have a transformational mission that only together you can accomplish!

10. Make people more empathetic, support members to actively listen to each other and to care about what others are saying.