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Mission & vision

The mission and the vision are very important statements for us as a company, we have them as a north star, but also we do the work to bring them down-to-earth and how they can be translated into daily tasks, into functionalities for the Collabwith digital platform for your work efficiency , into courses and workshops for your professional development, into podcast interviews for your inspiration, into our methodologies to support your innovation strategy, and in our consulting for your growth.

Sometimes, it is very simple, we want you to serve you with tools and skills that you are fully equipped to do innovation in the way you want, but with clear guidelines, steps, learnings.. that you can innovate faster and better. Even if you are coming from a small business, from a corporate environment, or you are a consultant helping others to innovation, from a startup or from research (universities, research centers, innovation institutes, etc.)

Furthermore, we know this mission and this vision are huge, and we know that we support a social and public mission here, but we want to provide our small contribution, we want to work together with you to help you if you have the same mission and vision like us. Together we can make a bigger change and contribution. This is it, you are not alone, and you have experience already in innovation, and knowledge and technology transfer, so we want to go together to join your efforts with our experience, methodology and digital platform.

Additionally, at Collabwith we are talking about digitalization, we are aware that when we are providing to you with a digital platform to reduce the number of trips to present funding opportunities or meet all your potential partners to discover what they are doing or need. But also, a digital platform implies a digital transformation processes (this is not a sustitive of your work, it’s a support to your work), and to help non-digital native to use a new digital platform which maybe they are not used to use new platforms outside email inboxes. Well, this is why at Collabwith, we have a methodology to help non-digital natives to use and adopt the digital platform, and as well for you as manager and coordinator to move to a hybrid way of working, so you can keep the local and “in person” activities and tasks that are important to you, with new digital processes to improve other tasks for your remote partners, so you can focus on what you are doing best.


“Unleashing the potential of knowledge by connecting bright minds to bring research and innovation to life”


“We believe businesses and society as a whole would prosper if there were better access to the bright minds of academics, startups and high quality experts.

Collabwith is a global platform to standardized collaboration for innovation, our value proposal is to simplify, digitalize, accelerate the collaboration process from searching your partner until starting collaborating. It’s a one-stop-shop including search engine, making request, negotiation, legal and payment by using our own technology. 



Nowadays, values are underestimated, or over used, because they are written on websites, or inside corporate and organization slides, but rarely the culture of that organization lives within their own values, or even the management. In consequence, people are not believing in values anymore. At Collabwith, we teach a course on “Innovation Culture”, and one of the extra lessons is about values to explain this case and how to translate “values” in daily tasks, daily mindset and daily way of working and how leaders of innovation when they have to create “leaders of leaders of innovation”, they have to delegate “values” together with other aspects of their own leadership. Sometimes, the reality is not a “happy flower” case, and it’s difficult to follow up with the values, but we believe that is in the complex and difficult moments when the values are the north star for us, and for you to make the right decision. If the values together with the mission are clear, it’s easier to make decisions. In this case, when in consortiums, collaboration, innovation projects, select concepts, prototypes or research results to go to market. You see our values all around our Collabwith digital platform, our book, consulting, courses and even this website.