We have created these services for your concrete needs, because we care of your research and innovation projects, we bring people from academia, startups and organizations together and to bring positive impact together to the market.

You receive high-level and state-of-the-art advice and knowledge for your organization and decision making. We help you to transform your organization into an innovative and high performance.

Why are we committed to help you?

  • We help you to transform your organization to become innovative and future proof.
  • We help you to create a positive energy organization with focus on positive impact with our methodology.
  • We help you to change your organizational culture into an innovative and collaborative culture.
  • In case, we cannot help you, we have a trusted network of 1500+ innovation professionals, industry leaders and academics that we can reach to bring you the knowledge and technology you need.
  • We help you to find the right partner matching your needs to become an innovative organization and create an advantage in your market.
  • We help you to increase the number of collaborations, we work with you to make a personalized annual collaboration plan to grow your organization turnover and reduce uncertainty.

Be The First To Understand New Technology And How Innovation Works For Your Organization

C-Level Consulting

Get the opportunity to have a high-level expert from academia on demand for you. Get directly to the point of your question to build your strategy on the spot. You need to make decisions, immediately. Learn more here.

SMEs Consulting

Become an innovative organization, create a innovation mindset, create a collaboration over competition mindset. We help you to go beyond your limits and grow your business.

Corporate Consulting

Are you ready to make innovation relevant for your organization? Are you ready that your employees understand and love innovation? Bring your organization to the next level of resilience. Including Innovation Procurement.

VC Consulting

We help you to create a high-level expert group to technically assess your investments, to promote your portfolio and create a collaboration and innovation ecosystem for your portfolio, experts, partners and mentors.

University Support

Even if you are a technical university or a business school, we help you with your transfer and collaboration journey. We optimize the process together with you, and we help you with the balance between building long-term relationships and broker opportunities.

Research Center Support

We help you to disseminate your research results in a different and effective way to industry and society. Moreover, we help you with your transfer and collaboration journey by analysing your opportunities.

Fund Services

We support your investment decisions, we help you to assess your portfolio impact in our society and industry. We help you to answer the question: What kind of future do you want to have?

Investor Support

Do you want to invest better? Do you want to understand the market you are investing? Do you want to support women entrepreneurs? Do you want to create a more inclusive selection process?

Startups Mentoring

As a super innovator you might need help with your business as well, we have created for your some packages that will help you in your innovation journey such as mentoring, training and frameworks. Get it now.

Academic Support

We help you to disseminate your research results in a different and effective way to industry and society. Moreover, we help you to connect you where you can have more impact with your knowledge.

Consultants Support

Innovation consulting is creating a leaders of leaders culture, and open-minded community. We support you to enhance your knowledge about innovation leadership and collaborative innovation.

Accelerator Support

Visualize your startup portfolio, support them to collaborate with corporates and academics. Further, we help you to elevate your startups leadership and soft skills with emotional intelligence.

Our Pricing

1 hour
  • 350€ price per hour
  • Excluding 21% VAT
  • Ideal for quick questions, guidance, and support you with creativity and ideas.
  • At once!
3 hours
  • 340€ price per hour
  • Excluding 21% VAT
  • This option is for you to define together your new strategy and 
  • decision.
  • 3% Savings
1 day
  • 250€ price per hour
  • Excluding 21% VAT
  • When you need a transformation for your and your business or project. I will there.
  • 30% Savings

Do you want to transform your organization and you need a strategic and collaborative innovation plan?