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Monthly Exercise: How to Create an Internal Communication Plan for Innovation



This is one of the topic that no-one is using at the innovation management / leadership areas of research or practise.

Why? I don’t know.. I have a theory. And the theory is that when you have a big blue elephant in the room, everyone is avoiding to talk about the “topic”.

This is what is happening with innovation vs communication, everyone knows that it’s an important topic (aka, an essential topic) for creating a culture of innovation, or sell ideas, or manage projects of innovation, or trust in innovation.

Then, why it is a very important topic, no-one is talking about it? or research about it? Is it better to talk and research topic about games and innovation, or blockchain and innovation.

I see that we are a society that follows the “google-click-bias” which means that we need clicks to get attention, and this effect is making that we are loosing sight of what is important and effective.

My approach, everyone doing innovation has to have the “basics” covered at least, and then they can follow the “google-click-bias” if they want (not recommendable anyhow).

This month video is about how to create the “basics-ground” for communicating innovation which is key for an innovation culture.




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