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(EuroSpaceHub) PODCAST about Analog Astronaut EMMPOL Mission Training for Students

Today, your host is Serena Crotti, Communications Manager at Lunex EuroMoonMars. Our guest are the EMMPOL 11 mission crew Philippe Frering, Aerospace engineer (IPSA) France, Kiran Gautam, molecular biology (VUB) India, Sarah Solbiati, Biomedical engineer (Politecnico di Milano) Italy, Brent Reymen, Psychology space studies (KULeuven) Belgium and Serena Crotti, Integrated product design (Politecnico di Milano) Italy . They are talking about their experience of doing an astronaut EMMPOL mission training in Poland.

What is EMPOOL? In this podcast you will listen to astronaut students talking about their experience in an analog mission and you can find out what EMPOOL is.

LUNEX – EuroMoonMars organizes several analog campaigns in which both students and professionals can participate. Terrestrial analog sites are places on Earth where the geological, environmental, or biological conditions of a celestial body such as the Moon or Mars are simulated as much as possible. At the moment we do this on several different sites around the world. The main up-and-running analog campaigns are currently the EMMPOL campaigns.

This is a collaboration between EuroMoonMars and the Analog Astronaut Training Center (AATC) in Poland, run by Dr. Agata Kolodziejczyk. She created a habitat that simulates a moon base where crews are totally isolated from the outside world, and where they can perform space-related experiments. At the moment, we are also starting a collaboration with the analog station of Astroland in Spain, where they simulate a Martian environment and research survival in isolated hostile environments.

There are also plans for the future. We are developing a portable analog habitat designed by Serena Crotti. This unique habitat will be built in a container and thus be able to move to different locations and partners around Europe. Our analog astronauts can thus be trained in a variety of different settings depending on their interests, research design, and availability.

The special episode EuroSpaceHub we want to share every month with you stories behind the space technology and space research. Enjoy the conversation!

(EuroSpaceHub) PODCAST about Analog Astronaut EMMPOL Mission Training for Students
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This podcast is edited by Alejandra Nettel, Original Music by Sandra Loewe and Direction by Jara Pascual.


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