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INTERVIEW “How to Finance Space and Aviation” with Joeri Achterberg Radar Based Avionics &

INTERVIEW “How to Finance Space and Aviation” with Joeri Achterberg



  • You are the founder of Radar Based Avionics, What is Radar Based Avionics and How did you get the idea and kick off the project?
  • How did you apply and enter the SBIC Noordwijk Space Innovation Center? How was the process and the experience?
  • Why is so important for startups and SMEs to apply to European Grants alone or in a consortium and plan for a blend finance model?
  • You are a grant specialist with your company Scherpe Tanden, Can you provide 5 best practises to write successful European proposals?


Being a co-owner of Scherpe Tanden, he is a consultant, entrepreneur, and investor. He focuses on
development of innovation projects and financing them through grants. His specialty is
Horizon Europe and Eurostars, but he is also experienced in Dutch grants such as the WBSO.
As a certified coach he helps companies to sharpen export plans (SIB voucher – RVO).
His market orientation is IT, high-tech & systems, aviation/aerospace, circular economy and
sustainability. He works for start-ups, incubatees, scale-ups, consortia and large companies.

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