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MINDSET MASTERCLASS Brain Food for Precision Eating and Thinking by Rhys Li

MINDSET MASTERCLASS Brain Food for Precision Eating and Thinking by Rhys Li

This month at Collabwith we are exploring the idea of food and its impact on productivity and performance. As you know that mindset is 90% of the success of our days and projects, and mindset is regulated by what we are eating and when we are eating. So, can we say that success is related to what we are eating?

Are you ready to go to the next level of performance for innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship?

Let’s go with Rhys Li this Friday during our Mindset Masterclass for Collabwith members only.


Rhys Li grew up in NYC and has lived in Amsterdam since 2014. Over 20 years of leadership experience in an international consulting firm assisting various client industries to meet its objectives. Rhys is a strategic design thinker and founded Your Success, Your Life to support individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. He obtained his MBA at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and is a Certified Organizational Coach from leading university HEC – Paris.


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At Collabwith, we are more than just a platform, we have so many resources for you to connect, build, collaborate, innovate and grow.

🏆 Besides actively using the platform, How can you make the most out of your premium membership?
  • Monthly Workshops every month about innovation techniques, every first Friday of the month hosted by Jara Pascual.
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🚀 And here it is a quick summary of all the knowledge, mindset and platform features:
  • Methodology: it’s our own methodology for innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship and leadership based on emotional intelligence. Check our new book here.
  • Webinars: every month we are hosting a live webinar with new methodologies for innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship, leadership and emotional intelligence.
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  • Collabwith marketplace: find funding opportunities, accelerator programs, innovation procurement calls, cascade funding, Horizon Europe, corporate challenges, innovation awards and other collaboration opportunities. Find your opportunity.
  • Community: meet and connect with other founders, academics and industry leaders who are passionate about innovation, collaboration and co-creation. Look at the directories and our private open slack only for the Collabwith community.

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