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Snapshot Webinar: High Performing Entrepreneurship: Emotional Intelligence for Startups

Snapshot Webinar: High Performing Entrepreneurship: Emotional Intelligence for Startups

This is our monthly webinars dedicated to learn innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship with emotional intelligence.

Join our webinar on Friday 3rd December 2021, at 12noon CET.

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High performance is linked to how well you are able to manage your emotions with the strategy (aka, work you have to do at that moment), and how you are capable of building resilience for yourself and your organization. So, we are applying emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs to strengthen their mindset.

Questions we will cover during the Webinar:

//Understand the Entrepreneurship Journey with Emotions

//How to manage frustration

//How to motivate your team

//How to build resilience 

This methodology you can find it inside our book: “Innovation and Collaboration in the Digital Era”


📌Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

📌Startup Stages Analysis

📌Psychological strong mind to overcome difficult moments

📌Open Discussion

📌Practical Take Aways

It costs 35EUR to attend, but it’s free if you are a premium member of Collabwith. Check out here our membership options:




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