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BOOK OF THE MONTH Leading Global Innovation from Karina R. Jensen

We are in December, and we would like to introduce a new book into our Book Club, as we are very interested to learn more about collaboration and how to make it high performance for innovation projects and innovative organizations. We invited author Karina R. Jensen to talk about her book and her methodologies in our Collabwith Academy, you can read her book and also join the webinar with Karina R. Jensen on 8th January 2021.



About the book

Responding to the need for organizations to improve global strategic planning and execution, this book presents a framework for effectively conceiving and executing new concepts for international markets. Filling an important gap in knowledge and research on global innovation, the author demonstrates how leaders can facilitate multicultural collaboration in service of organizational performance. Cases and findings are shared from international studies of over 200 leaders and 45 multinational firms with headquarters based in Asia, Europe and North America. Leading Global Innovation provides a practice perspective with specific models and solutions for facilitating multicultural team collaboration, from concept to market. This book offers crucial guidance for executives, managers, consultants and educators who would like to understand how to lead and orchestrate innovation in a culturally diverse and networked business environment.


About the author

Karina R. Jensen is a practice Director at the Centre for Leadership and Effective Organizations and a Professor of Global Innovation and Leadership at NEOMA Business School in France. She is also the Founder and Managing Director of Global Minds Network, a consulting and training firm. An international management consultant, change facilitator, and educator with 20+ years of experience, she has launched and managed global products, services and programs for leading international firms. Originally from San Francisco, she earned her PhD in international management at ESCP Europe in Paris.

We will add here the comments and our review during this month of December and January.

You can join the webinar with Karina R. Jensen on Friday 8th January 2021 at 12noon CET, here.

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