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How Would you Feel if your Client does understand Innovation?

How would you feel if you get your corporate clients love your recommendations?

In our last Innovation Tea, we had one interesting question about the challenges, consultants for innovation are facing.

  • Corporates don’t understand innovation.
  • Corporates are looking for startups which are super new, but at the same time they have already other corporate clients.
  • It’s difficult to find new startups, and new ideas.
  • It’s difficult to get corporates into the mindset of innovation and wanted to take risk.
  • There are a lot of “innovation washing” where corporates add “Innovation” in their strategy but they are not committed to really do innovation.
  • It’s difficult to get accurate macro trends, digital transformation, sustainability and business model which is sustainable for corporates.
  • Inside corporates, product management teams are reluctant to give up control and autonomy to innovation teams.
  • It’s difficult to change the corporate mindset from industrial mindset to experimental mindset, needed for innovation.

At the end of the day, it’s all about commitment from corporates to do innovation properly, and to be the first to co-create a new reality together with the innovation consultant and with the startup. It doesn’t matter if the startup has already customers, if they have, corporates are losing the competitive advantage to get the technology or innovative solution first. If you are willing to innovate and create an innovative organization, you need to be the first one, and the only way is to co-create when you spot a new technology or innovative solution.

Innovation is about being there in the future, it’s not a fancy nice to have, it’s a critical job. Each CEO of any organization has to have in their priorities list on the top of their list Innovation.

Innovation is doing things in a different way, it’s a new process, it’s a social change!

As an innovation consultant: Would you like to know why are you doing what you are doing it? You need passion and believe in what you are doing even if you have corporates which don’t believe in innovation. If you are many years in the business, maybe you have lost your faith.

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