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Collaborating in the Digital Era: Insights from Jara Pascual’s Talk at Tramuntana Tech Talks

The Tramuntana Tech Talks, launched in 2016, have become a reference point for entrepreneurs, startups, and tech enthusiasts who are eager to explore new business models and learn from successful experiences in the realms of technology and innovation. Held at Parc Bit Mallorca and Centre Bit Menorca during October and November 2023, these talks cover various relevant topics for emerging innovative enterprises.

One notable speaker at this year’s edition was Jara Pascual, our CEO and Founder of Collabwith, whose talk delved into the significance of digital collaboration for startups. Curious to know more about Jara Pascual’s presentation at this event? Continue reading the article we’ve prepared for you!

First of all, let’s delve into the key takeaways from Jara’s talk together! Her talk took place on November 30th 2023. In her presentation, she brought her expertise as an innovator with many years of experience to the field, addressing many topics. Here are some highlights!

  • Digital Collaboration for Startups: Jara Pascual emphasized the importance of digital collaboration in the contemporary business landscape. She asked the audience to reflect on what digital collaboration means for them and explored the myriad possibilities it offers for connecting people, breaking down silos, and fostering innovation in unexpected ways.
  • Best Practices for Collaboration: Jara highlighted key principles for successful collaboration, both in-person and digitally. Clear communication, mutual understanding of needs and goals, and a supportive mindset were identified as critical factors. She stressed the importance of establishing clarity regarding concepts, metrics, resources, legal aspects, and collaboration outcomes.
  • The Role of Digitalization: Jara discussed how digitalization enhances personal connectivity and facilitates access to diverse networks, locally and internationally. Digital tools are crucial for efficiently connecting knowledge and technology across different scales, from local to global.
  • Emotional States during Startup-Company Collaboration: Understanding and managing emotions emerged as a crucial aspect of collaboration. She emphasized the importance of emotional intelligence, perceiving, understanding, and effectively managing emotions for better decision-making and successful collaboration.
  • Resilience in Innovation: Jara underscored the significance of resilience in innovation. Managing emotions, perceiving them, and maintaining a positive attitude are essential components of resilience. She highlighted that resilience is key to facing challenges, recovering quickly, and viewing failure as a valuable form of feedback for personal and professional growth.

Jara Pascual’s talk at Tramuntana Tech Talks provided valuable insights into the world of digital collaboration for startups. Her extensive experience and practical advice served as a guide for entrepreneurs facing the complexities of the digital era. As we continue to witness the evolution of technology and business, understanding the principles of collaboration and emotional intelligence becomes increasingly crucial for driving innovation and success.

During a dedicated networking event, Jara Pascual also offered personalized consultations to various startups, shedding light on their challenges and providing tailored solutions. The startups grappled with diverse issues, from over-ambitious plans and unclear communication to a reluctance to diversify from successful models and the quest for new growth avenues.

Pascual’s insightful recommendations included shifting focus to a “bespoke” batch cooking service for a food delivery app, emphasizing farmers’ stories and collaborating with cooperatives for a blockchain-based traceability app and revising communication strategies, to name but a few. These consultations were meant to offer valuable lessons for startups navigating the intricacies of the business landscape.

Are you interested in learning more about Tramontana Tech Talks? Check out their website here to discover all the fantastic speakers who participated, as well as the fascinating topics that were addressed!

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