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A curated list of challenges, programs, funding opportunities, academic research and startups that have caught our eye.


The Teaching Factory Competition (TFC) promotes the use of the Teaching Factories educational methodology (a collaboration between industry & academia through challenges) and the benefits of academia-business partnerships to reach an authentic innovation in Manufacturing.

EIT Manufacturing launches the “Teaching Factory on Deep Tech, 2023 – Call for Companies” to identify companies with a Deep Tech business challenge to be solved.

Up to 10 (ten) Companies will be shortlisted and supported by Solver Teams to solve their challenges for a two-month duration. (The exact number of applicants to be selected as finalists or funded will depend on the quality of the applications received.)

At the end of the period, an independent evaluation panel will evaluate the companies’ performance in the competition and select the 3 (three) best companies for awarding prizes.

The top-three companies will receive prizes as follows:

  1. First ranked: 15 000 EUR,
  2. Second-ranked: 10 000 EUR,
  3. Third-ranked: 5 000 EUR.

The applicants can have more information and submit a proposal through the following website:

Networks of European Cinemas

The aim of the support is to create and operate a network of cinemas with a view to enable the following activities:

  • Networking activities: information, animation and communication in view of increasing the audience reach and implementing innovative and collaborative actions.
  • Provide financial support to participating cinemas implementing eligible activities listed below:
    • Actions aiming at promoting and screening European films and increasing the audience for non-national European films and contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally-respectful industry.
    • Innovative activities aiming at reaching new audiences and raising interest among young cinema-goers for European films by renewing and enriching the cinema experience.
    • Harnessing the digital transition, including online tools and data applications
    • Adjusting the business practices of European cinema theatres in terms of sustainability, inclusion and accessibility.
    • Promotion and marketing activities in cooperation with other distribution platforms (e.g. TV broadcasters, VOD platforms).

Capacity building of Security Operation Centres

The objective will be to create, support and/or strengthen and interconnect SOCs at regional, national and EU level. This will allow for reinforced capacities to monitor and detect cyber threats, the creation of collective knowledge and sharing of best practices. In addition, data and capacities related to cybersecurity threat intelligence will be brought together from multiple sources (such as CSIRTs and other relevant cybersecurity actors) through cross-border platforms across the EU. The use of state-of the-art AI, machine learning capabilities and common infrastructures will make it possible to more efficiently and more rapidly share and correlate the signals detected, and to create high-quality threat intelligence for national authorities and other stakeholders, thus enabling a fuller situational awareness and a more rapid reaction.

NGI Sargasso General Open Call. 1st cut-off date

Submissions will be done exclusively via online platform:

The submission process is supported by the following documents:

  • Online Form: completed via Sploro platform and divided in four sections (1) general profile of the applicants (2) alignment with the open call (3) excellence of the project and (4) impact.
  • Guidelines for Applicants: all the information you need to know before applying. 
  • FAQ section: for usual doubts about our program.

NGI Sargasso and Canada collaborative call in Digital Credentials

Submissions will be done exclusively via online platform:   

The submission process is supported by the following documents:

  • Online Form: completed via Sploro platform and divided in four sections (1) general profile of the applicants (2) alignment with the open call (3) excellence of the project and (4) impact.
  • Guidelines for Applicants: all the information you need to know before applying. 
  • FAQ section: for usual doubts about our programme.

The evaluation process will be done by external experts and a final interview to a shortlist of applicants. There are three evaluation criteria (alignment, excellence and impact) which will guide the evaluation process.

 For any question about the process there is a general email address available at 

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