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What does the Culture of Innovation for Knowledge Transfer?

Sandra Bauer and Sebastian Marinelli, are working as innovation managers, they are building a new strategy for their organization from their innovation team to create a consistent innovation culture. They are almost new to the “culture of innovation management”, they have 2 years in the position. But still, they have issues. Employees don’t believe that innovation is important (normal operations has always priority), budget for innovation is low, and not enough to develop prototypes. Sandra and Sebastian are trying to do some brainstormings and springs but the success was questionable. Even, employees and management was asking for the return of investment of all these activities. Eventually, they paid for a expensive design thinking project, and they had to re-do everything again, so management were not happy with the innovation team. Return of investment of innovation is unclear, and they are blocked. They are stressed out, they continue with brainstormings to generate ideas, but they don’t know if this is the right path to continue and innovation projects still are keep secret, so anyone knows what innovation is doing.


Collabwith has all the methodologies and experts (not only us) for collaboration for innovation between academia-industry-startup that can help you. Sandra and Sebastian now receive weekly email with their public funding calls to increase their budget for their innovation projects, they receive resources to learn how to create an innovation culture, how to manage conflict inside consortiums, and how to organize events inside their companies that employees love to attend and participate actively. Now, they receive congratulations for what the innovation team is doing and organizing (even, the consortium partners are very happy after every project meeting).


But, they went on holidays, and they forgot to read their emails and participate in the innovation workshops, so they wanted to create a NDA with a researcher, and they contacted the legal team. It was the first time for them to meet the new IP legal person, and they were delaying the answer, paralel negotiation was not going well, they forgot the basics about timelines resources, budget… so, the collaboration broke down even before signing the NDA. Thi was the first step for a innovation consortium, and it was lost. They were dispersed within the stressful situation. However, lawyers don’t want that you to know their secrets, because they could become imprescindible.


Sandra and Sebastian were surprised about the easy way to create a fast collaboration, they were shocked about the simplicity of the collaboration framework and the easy negotiation process. Yes, definitely, it’s about the right mindset. But the method, does it work, really?


At Collabwith, 55% of members open our email with funding opportunities, workshop participants love the energy of the community, masterclass participants applied the new methods, came again and again every month and recommend our collaboration frameworks to their colleagues and other professionals they met during their trips and conferences. Entrepreneurs called us months later with their good news of new funding, new customers and deep and cool team conversations. Innovation managers receive messages of congratulations for the events they are doing, and employees don’t want to miss out.

Our methodology bring results when you apply it after learning, and when you receive our emails with funding opportunities you select the right one for you to apply, and you create a consortium. Anyhow, in case you have questions, we are here to support you in your current process.

Here below you can get the membership you need at this moment. After the payment, you will receive an email with instructions to enter to the platform, and a link to add to your calendar the next workshop and masterclasses (we publish the agenda every month one week before the month).

If you want Collabwith to help you in your knowledge transfer journey, please schedule a call with us.