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PODCAST with Adriana Cabrera About How to Create Innovation Ecosystems for European Projects with case

Welcome to the podcast Business of Collaboration created by Collabwith Collabwith is a SaaS and digital platform that enables innovation ecosystems to connect startups, academics, and businesses in a matchmaking meets marketplace setting. I am Jara Pascual, founder and CEO of Collabwith and I will be your host.

Today, you will hear our GUEST is Adriana Cabrera, Fablab MatrixLab director and innovation manager Adriana wil talk about the EU project Shemakes, the story behind the project and the results until now. But also, how the project shemakes was using the “innovation ecosystem canvas” from Jara Pascual to define and orchestrate the ecosystem and the 18 labs in and ecosystems from textile labs, digital manufacturing, rapid prototyping ecosystems that focus on fashion and sustainable alternatives.

Enjoy the conversation!

PODCAST with Adriana Cabrera About How to Create Innovation Ecosystems for European Projects with case
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Adriana Cabrera ​is the innovation manager at, a project dedicated to empowering female innovators of the future by bridging the gender gap. She is a senior consultant in creative Labs and Hubs at matrix GmbH & Co., as well as a guest researcher for FabLab Kamp-Lintfort, Germany, at the Rhine–Waal University of Applied Sciences. As a global lecturer in the soft robotics the advanced program Fabricademy, her works involve the use of digital fabrication, textiles and wearability in the manufacturing process. Adriana is an Instructor of the Academany by the FabFoundation and co-leads , making health and care more inclusive and innovative. Originally from Colombia, she works in diverse areas of design and tangible interaction. Having a background in industrial design, she complemented her studies with an MFA in Media Art and Design at Bauhaus University Weimar and later with an MA in Surface and Textile Design at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin, focusing on materials research.


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