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INTERVIEW Javier Parra about Sustainability, Innovation and their economic significance

What is your Story as an Academic?  How was your moment when you decided to focus on research?

My career as an investigator officially began in 2018 when I joined Salamanca University’s BISITE Research Group. I formerly worked for a digital business that gathered and analysed data to aid in the decision-making processes of our clients’ large accounts. This allowed me to gain knowledge and skills in market research, data analysis, report creation, and presentation skills. In 2020, I decided to connect with the university to fill permanent teaching positions formally.

What is your research about? How are you looking for lines of research?

My three main research axes are sustainability, intangible activities, and the economic implications of new technologies. Currently, I am focusing all of my research on sustainability and its economic significance.

What is your purpose behind your research? How are you collaborating with users, other academics, other partners doing research?

As I mentioned, my main line of research at present is sustainability in an economic sense. Talking about sustainability today is talking about a critical term for the future. The term “sustainability” refers to the idea of development that satisfies existing needs without compromising the ability of future generations to satiate their own needs. This means that sustainability aims to meet present needs without compromising the welfare of future generations. We must find more sustainable ways to produce and consume to lessen our environmental impact. The term “sustainability” refers to using resources to provide long-term economic, social, and environmental benefits while also being sufficiently abundant to meet the needs of present and future generations. This has several potential solutions.

What is your purpose behind your research? How are you collaborating with users, other academics, other partners doing research?

I currently share my research in the most popular data sources used in the scientific community after it has been published as scientific articles.

What is innovation for you? What is collaboration for innovation?

For me, innovation is a process that is essential to growth and progress. It’s a way to enhance current procedures and goods to meet customer needs better and open up new business opportunities. Innovation is critical to competitiveness and sustainability since it enables businesses to improve their products, increase efficiency, and save costs. The success of the innovation process depends on the cooperation of many parties, including product designers and developers, engineers, scientists, professors, and entrepreneurs, among others.

Innovation is having impact, and bringing the new product to the market. How are you collaborating with other organizations to bring research to the market and create impact?

My main work involves setting research objectives, designing research studies, and compiling and analysing data. This information was used to develop new products and enhance existing ones. As an investigator, I participate in the early stages of innovation processes.

Regarding your funding, how did you finance your research? Which kind of programs are you applying for? Are you looking for private funding for going to market?

Financing is used less frequently in fundamental research. However, one can obtain funding by being able to take part in applied research projects. This funding is obtained from various sources, including the government, private foundations, universities, and international organizations. Often, applied research funding is provided through salaries, subsidies, or research funds. These funds can be used to cover the costs of the research team, the equipment, the researchers’ honoraria, and publication-related expenses. Additionally, researchers can get funding to present their work at conferences and publish their findings.

Talking about finance, what are the best practices you learnt until now and you would like to share with other academics?

Participating in research projects and being on the cutting edge of collaboration with businesses, organisations, and governments are two ways to support the growth and development of the community. This includes advancing the company’s, organization’s, or government’s knowledge through research, project development, project efficacy evaluation, information and data collection, information analysis, and identifying new opportunities and strategies. This participation may also help businesses, organisations, and governments build relationships and connections. Financing is obtained at these stages and using these ideas.

What are you doing during your spare time and weekends?

I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and participating in society. Being able to do this is one of those privileges. In advanced societies, we often take this privilege for granted.

What is your morning routine? Coffee or tea?

Obviously, coffee.

What is your favorite place for holidays?

The beach is my favorite holiday spot.

What are your Golden Rules for Living?

Thinking freely and putting your fears behind you is my golden rule. I often repeat the saying that leaving too many material or intangible possessions behind when you pass away means that your accounting was poor.

What kind of books are you recommending to other academics?

Books from any era of science. They are fantastic as hobbies.

Please, share with us a new innovative solution or product you have created and launched to the market from your research you want to share!

I want to share a call to action for the scientific community, which is concerned about sustainability and its link to the economy and technology. This call is intended to encourage researchers in these fields to participate by sending their communications to the Special Session ASET in its edition of 2023. Complete information is available here:

Meet Javier Parra here:


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