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Monthly Exercise: How to Create an Innovation Mindset



Mindset, mindset, mindset…. but, what does it mean, really?

Means that doesn’t matter which processes for innovation you are doing, or if you do a brainstorming or not..

If you have no the mindset for innovation, anything you are doing will work. This is what does it mean.

The reality, this is it. So, now, the point is how to get yourself, your team, your organization (university, research center or whatever you are in) into the innovation mindset, so doesn’t matter what you do, that you are doing it in an innovative way, doing innovation without realizing it! (for sure, for sure).

As an example, you can “investigate” my book, which is structured in a way, that you are getting into the innovation and collaboration mindset, step by step, chapter after chapter… because I know that you need this transformation to make the book count and useful for you.

The PDF of this month, and the video here below, has this way (how to do it) to transform a mindset, without be aware of.. the PDF contains 3 questions to get into the innovation mindset, and the video has almost a “masterclass” of what does it mean to get an innovation mindset. if you want more, you can get the Collabwith membership to have monthly workshops for innovation.

This month of October, we kick off with a 3-questions exercise for Mindset for Innovation. As you might know, mindset could be changed, why? because the cool thing of our brain plasticity and that we can change what we think and believe.. so, we can do it for something good.. (aka, innovation).

So, here, you have a PDF and video with 3 easy ways to go out of your comfort zone and start innovating.

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