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LIVE INTERVIEW about Conflict Management with Prof. Estrada

This week, at Collabwith just submitted one proposal for a pilot call for Horizon Europe (if you want to know about calls, please check out our marketplace with all the European funding calls) with a 10 partners consortium, and 2 days before the submission, the partner who was receiving the most of the budget was complaining about the budget in a very selfish way and putting the rest of partners in danger. Yes, in the same call… I was listening valuable partners saying that they were leaving the consortium. Imagine, how bad it was.

It was not fair for the consortium, but neither respectful for the hard work of everyone there. But… really, what did it happen? The main issue is that “that partner” lost the project view, and forget the collaborative mindset, that “we are all here together to make it happen”. They forget about the main goal and mission of the consortium.

What was the solution in this situation? Take the word, and explain that every partner is important and super very relevant for the consortium, every piece of the puzzle is important for success. Additionally, it was important to remind why we were there all together, we were in this consortium because we believed in the proposal and objective of the proposal. At the end, the point was to remind that only together we can make it, only together.

At Collabwith, we are organizing a series of events, workshops and masterclasses for the Collabwith members every month.

Today Friday 9th September at 12noon CET, we are hosting for our Collabwith members a Live Interview with Prof. Estrada talking about innovation, change, collaboration and conflict in partnership!

After the summer, we are testing a new format for live interviews where you can ask your questions live to a specific expert. Don’t worry, I will start with the basic questions, and then, you enter live to ask your questions.

If you are a Collabwith member, you can prepare your questions for her and ask them to her live.

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You can imagine, Prof. Estrada from University of Groningen will be with us to answer questions about conflict management within research and innovation consortiums. Besides, how to manage transformations and do some collaborations with industry 🙂


Isabel’s research focuses on collaborative innovation strategies, with an emphasis on ‘particularly challenging’ strategies, such as alliances between competitors (coopetition), research consortia and industry-university alliances. She also teaches several master courses on organizational and collaborative innovation and coordinates the MSc Business Administration program on Change Management.

Find Prof. Estrada inside Collabwith, here.

This Friday, we have with us Prof. Isabel Estrada from the University of Groningen, who is an expert and researcher on Change Management and Conflict Management in Consortiums. Join as a Collabwith member to be part of this Live Interview, here.

Everything will be recorded and published as a podcast episode “Business of Collaboration” next year. 


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