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Mindset Masterclass “High Performing Teams with Olympian Tech” by Patricia Diaz-Tendero

Collabwith Masterclass “High Performing Teams with High Performing Olympian Techniques” by Patricia Diaz-Tendero


This is a short-interview to introduce the Masterclass”High Performing Teams with High Performing Olympian Techniques” introduced by Collabwith CEO Jara Pascual and Patricia Diaz-Tendero.

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Dr. Patricia Diaz-Tendero
High Performance Sports Psychologist
Olympic Sailing Team
FC Real Madrid youth academy

Doctorate in Psychology with a specialty in human performance with Cum Laude distinction. She works as a consultant with coaches and high-performance athletes and in the business field. Her professional work in recent years has focused on how to build and manage high-performance teams, as well as advising management profiles and executives in corporations.

She has been Psychologist of the Spanish Olympic Sailing Team during two Olympic campaigns, in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, encouraging athletes to achieve excellence. In this period, she achieved outstanding results such as 2x World Championships and a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. In addition, she worked as a performance psychologist in the Real Madrid youth academy where she trained the players on how to improve their potential. I am currently studying an Executive MBA program at ESADE with an ESADE Women in Business Sponsorship. Certification as a Psychologist and Health Coach by the FEPD (Spanish Federation of Sports Psychology).

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