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The PMO as the Key to Success for the Adoption of Innovation

The PMO as the key to success for the adoption of Innovation

Project managers have a primary role in the implementation and adoption of innovation. Normally, what is called “front-end of innovation management” only goes as far as the selection of prototypes for implementation. At this time, it is the most operational part who is in charge, and sometimes it is not thought before that it is the project managers of the departments to which the innovation goes, who have to execute and make it be adopted. Many times, in this phase the innovative essence of the service and product is lost, that is why constant communication with the office of the project managers is necessary, and not only at the end, or in a transactional way as production processes in a factory .

Speaking with Leonardo Reyes from the PMOfficers, I realized the importance of the PMO in the field of innovation, and how little is said about it. Project managers need to be fellow travelers of the innovation team. Because project managers ensure the implementation, adoption and legacy of innovative services, products and processes.

Another clear example is when purchases of innovative services or products are made. What is called “Innovation Purchase Processes”. In these cases, innovative solutions require implementation, monitoring and training. Here again, project managers are key to making this happen, and they are responsible for implementation, follow-up, legacy, training, and communication. Here again, the innovation team will ensure that with the purchase of the innovative solution a change in the way of working is also ensured and the innovative essence is maintained.

Questions to ask from a Project Management Office:

  • Do you know your innovation team?
  • What is the role of the PMO? How would you define PMO?
  • What can you do tomorrow when you go back to work?
  • How do you apply leadership within the PMO?
  • How are you with emotional intelligence?

“Innovation is creating value through creativity.”


In the case of “product owners” or product managers, we are in the same case. Product managers “control” the present and the future of a certain product or service and it is here when we talk about the future when we have to be in permanent and continuous contact with the innovation teams. You cannot innovate alone, or having feedback from sales or marketing. You have to work together to make a better product or service that is relevant in the future. This will also prevent everyone from going their own way, and avoid duplicating efforts or having two different versions of the future or not innovating enough. The answer to any question is, all together we will make the product better.

The part of “bringing everyone together” to make the projects, products and the company better and relevant for the future is leadership, and the good leader always puts people and teams to work together and break the silos that are created. Together we make the company and the products better and more innovative.

Our Collabwith CEO, Jara Pascual made a 5min video Collabwith Talks talking about the PMO role as a Key Driver for Innovation Adoption:

Webinar in English organized together with the PMOfficer “The PMO as a Key to Success for the Adoption of Innovation”:


The goal is to understand the importance of the PMO and its relationship with product owners in the impact they have when they make decisions to bring innovations to market.

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