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PODCAST Diana Mastracci about Space Hackathons for Indigenous Communities

Our host, Jara Pascual, founder & CEO of Collabwith, today we have the true pleasure to talk to Diana Mastracci, founder of Space4Innovation, GEO Indigenous Alliance International Strategic Indigenous Liaison at GEO Indigenous Alliance and Consultant at Group on Earth Observations (GEO).

Diana Mastracci will be a keynote speaker at ISPIM conference “Innovating our Future” on 20th-23rd June 2021 as a virtual event.

In this podcast episode of  “Business of Collaboration”, we will talk about how her background in social anthropology led her to create a new methodology for Indigenous Hackathons as a way to harnessing the power of collective intelligence and Indigenous knowledge and practices to address complex socio-environmental challenges.

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PODCAST Diana Mastracci about Space Hackathons for Indigenous Communities
Business of Collaboration Podcast


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“We co-design a method to empower indigenous youth to identify the challenges their community were facing and co-design technological solutions”


“At the Hackathon, we encourage networking in a cultural appropriate way and that the indigenous values are reinforced”


“It’s very important to manage the expectations of the hacker and the indigenous community”


“Indigenous communities have always been innovators, because they are always thinking on the next 7 generations, and their impact they will have for the future. Innovation approach it’s about the older-generation wisdom, it’s inclusive, holistic, sustainable and they keep their values, and empower their communities to solve their own challenges”


“We can learn from the indigenous communities, how to come up with sustainable innovative solutions”

“Technology is very powerful to transfer their knowledge from the oldest to the youth by keeping their values by reflecting their needs and being culture appropriate


“Innovation is looking at the past to create a better future which is more sustainable and inclusive”


“We need to work together to bring new perspectives and innovation for a better future”

Diana Mastracci  

Founder Space4Innovation
GEO Indigenous Alliance International Strategic Indigenous Liaison at GEO Indigenous Alliance
Consultant at Group on Earth Observations (GEO)

Diana Mastracci is currently working as a communications consultant for the GEO Secretariat and is the International Strategic Liaison for the GEO Indigenous Alliance. She founded Space4Innovation to find creative ways to maximize the impact of current technologies and EO data to empower social change initiatives. She has worked at the European Space Agency, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the University of Oxford, Citizen Cyberlab, was a visiting scholar at the Cartographic Research Centre at Carleton University and a visiting student at St. Petersburg State University. Diana holds an MA with joint Honours in Social Anthropology and Russian from the University of St Andrews, an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford and a Diploma in Documentary Filmmaking from the EICTV in Cuba.


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