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How to Prepare your Organization for the Future?

How to Prepare your Organization for the Future?

Future is linked to innovation, some innovation teams are now called Future team. At the end, the objective is to have a future-thinking, future-ready and innovative organization. But, what does it mean? It means that your team and your organization is not only in a “keep system running” mood with the head down on the desk.

Thinking of the future of your organization or your team is to add time to innovate 20% of your time for instance, when 80% of your time is still “keep system running”. Or, if you can only dedicate 10% one week, and 0% another week. Besides, it’s important to have consistency, this is a thinking exercise where you have a profound and honest dialogue with yourself and your team.

Some key questions to ask you every month at least:

  • What is killing your organization now?
  • What would kill your organization in the future?
  • How would you do your business if you want to start again?
  • Do you need different revenue streams?
  • How are your leadership skills for innovation?

Future thinking is not about brainstorming futuristic or science-fiction ideas, it’s about thinking about your organization in different levels and dimensions to make it strong, innovative and resilient.

It’s important to schedule time to think, and make new strategies to be prepare your organization for the future. It could be done during the morning, when everyone is calm and still the rush of the business is not up of running. It’s an easy way to stay calm and think through during one hour.

We have schedule a webinar dedicated to this topic of how to prepare your organization for the future on Friday 7th May 2021 at 12noon CET online via zoom. It has a cost of 35€, but it’s free for our premium members.

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