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PODCAST Viktoria Gerukh on Emotional Intelligence for Marketing & Research

Today our CEO Jara Pascual and founder of Collabwith, talked to Viktoria Gerukh, co-founder and CEO uTrigg, a marketing tool to collect deep feedback based on emotional intelligence from customers.

We are talking with Viktoria Gerukh about how to understand that how your customer feels matter to your business, to manage finance inside a startup, how difficult it is to sell something completely new, how to sell innovative solutions and how to motivate your team in the long run of the startup.

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PODCAST Viktoria Gerukh on Emotional Intelligence for Marketing & Research
Business of Collaboration Podcast


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“uTrigg is a digital AI platform for marketing specialists to raise conversion by collecting deep feedback from customers’ emotions”

“95% of the purchase decisions are emotional decisions”


“To bring a new innovation to the market, building partnerships is a must, and platforms such as Collabwith is very important for that”

“We are gathering emotions without video”

“You can transfer emotions via emails, too”

“Inside business we have people, and people’s emotions are impacting your performance, including the attitude of your customers”

“If your customers are not happy, they will quit your service”

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Viktoria Gerukh

Co-founder & CEO uTrigg


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