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Is it easy to get All Google or Do We go Crazy and we Do Get European Solutions?

Is it because you don’t know alternatives to Google Analytics? Or it’s because it’s easy to get something is Google, and that’s all? What kind of no-brainer-bias do you have? Is it complicated to identified where the digital tools are coming from?

  • Check wikipedia and there you have all info (easy).
  • Check the “about” and “contact” of every solution to discover where they are coming from.

When we are business owners, decision makers and innovation drivers we make decisions every day, and one of the decision is to choose the best innovative solution or digital tool for our daily operations and daily work or future operations. In that moment, if we want to follow our values and we want to bring our society a better place and out of crisis, maybe we have to think twice to get the “free googlish versions” out there, and make an effort and do a search of other options.

Is it possible to get a “Digital tool package” full with European solutions, this idea was coming up in a conversation I had with Alexandre Marquet, founder of TiQuest and based in Luxembourg. And this is what is happening and the dilemma as a “tool makers” and “solutions providers” and “digitalization makers” or simply visionaries or entrepreneurs or even super innovators. We go to a customer and they prefer to use the “google free version” or they prefer to pay a lot of money to “Microsoft” because it’s a matter of “trust”. Apparently, the option to have all free and losing privacy and give all the data from the company for free to Google is a better option. Or they prefer to waste money to a very complex solution that it is not fitting their need and their purpose but to feel “safe” with Microsoft.

Well, there are out there nice European solutions, maybe we have to make the effort to find them and to trust them, and “invest” in them via having them as a customer. Innovation is this, we experiment, we go out of our comfort zone,  we learn and we go, because the only failure is not continuing and follow our dreams for our business and dreams for a better industry and society.

Aha! There is a cost, we have to pay sometimes a new product from one startup, sometimes there is a free version to try out, before you go pro! Try it!!! We are here all together to make a better place.

As we are talking about Google, what is the European option do we have? Piwik PRO!!! I met them three years ago in an event in Brussels, and I was amazed by their product, and the way they are working and interacting with the customer. We have really cool things here, not only Ericsson and Nokia (yes, if we want to support our economy, maybe we need to buy European Hardware too, but this is another story).

  • Piwik PRO Core: Privacy-compliant analytics, built-in consent management and EU hosting. For free. Yeah! They have created a free version for everyone! And of course, I am using Piwik PRO Core for the Collabwith Platform analytics connected to my wordpress as well.
  • Typeform is an European solution for surveys!!! They have a free version as well.
  • uTrigg is another European solution for survey with emotional intelligence insights!
  • Collabwith is an European solution for open innovation and collaboration for innovation and our servers are in Germany! Yeah!

Please recommend European solutions here in the comments, on Linkedin, on Youtube, on Twitter or on Instagram whatever place you do prefer. We need to create this commons where we all support each other and we learn to go out of our comfort zone!

If you are a super cool European Startup or SME with a very cool new product, join our platform and connect with organizations that they can improve themselves with your European solution!


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