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BOOK OF THE MONTH: Special Women’s Month

If you want to see and learn from women role models about leadership, success, entrepreneurship and innovation, you can learn from those stories explained inside these books. We want to honor this month of women by starting before the 8th of March. At Collabwith we believe that women can do anything they want to do, very successfully. We have to visualize role models, examples of female entrepreneurship and if we can share other ways of leadership and power, we will share them.




About the authors

Mathilde Lacombe is the co-founder of Birchbox in France (french: La Jolie Box) and co-founder of Aime, mother of 3 and author of the book “Une question d’équilibre”. This book is showing the secrets of creating a business and a balanced life between entrepreneurship, motherhood and family. They are advices of organization and well-being and it is very inspirational.

Emilie Sobels is an author of 3 books, the self-made summit, and co-working spaces for women in the Netherlands. In this book “the self-made guide” is a guide of success secrets, but also with plenty of interviews with a diverse set of women leaders and entrepreneurs.

Get cosy to read these amazing stories and inspiration with a cup of collagen cacao from Mathilde Lacombe new brand called Aime, with a mug with a motivational quote from our Collabwith shop.

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