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PODCAST Magda Daniloaia about Sustainability eCommerce and Entrepreneurship

Today our CEO Jara Pascual and founder of Collabwith, talked to Magda Daniloaia, co-founder and CEO from Aequem, the sustainable shopping destination.


We are talking with Magda about how to bootstrap, how to manage the finance inside a startup, how to work with influencers and celebrities and how to get featured into Forbes and Vogue with passion for sustainability, innovation and drive for change and disrupt an industry.


Do you know what it takes to build a successful startup? Learn from the amazing tips and best practises of the CEO and Co-founder Aequem.


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Listen to our podcast with Magda Daniloaia.


PODCAST Magda Daniloaia about Sustainability eCommerce and Entrepreneurship
Business of Collaboration Podcast


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“Relationships building is very important, and every relationship is precious”

“The Platform Making Sustainable Shopping Simple” – Elite Traveler

“Top online stores for vegan fashion” – Vogue Italia

“Seven Businesses Helping Britain ‘Build Back Greener’”

WGSN “Top online destinations for 2020”

“Slow down to speed up, don’t try to do everything at once”


“We are working with universities and students’ work to get inspired from them but also to inspire them to become entrepreneurs in the sustainability industry”

“Innovation is that you can use ideas to protect the planet and people”


Magda Daniloaia

Co-founder & CEO Aequem

Magda Daniloaia is a business management & strategy consultant and entrepreneur with 8+ years experience successfully growing lifestyle and e-commerce businesses.

Magda has a 360 understanding of consumer businesses, having helped dozens of brands with their strategy & positioning, targeted partnerships for growth, production and operations management, logistics & distribution and digital marketing & e-commerce.

Having already built three companies from the ground up and having helped dozens others her strengths lie in helping businesses and people achieve their full potential, priding herself on equally enjoying strategy and implementation.

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