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4 Online Events for Team Building for Innovation & Collaboration

We are in the middle of a period of “everything online” or almost every event will be hosted online including our regular meetings and internal events. And I think, managers and leaders are focusing too much on “task-oriented meetings” online, and this is not helping to create the feeling of a team, and either is enhancing creativity and innovation. It’s important to build relationships outside “regular-task-work”, and it could be done as well doing “work related things” such as creative sessions.
Here below, you can see 4 events you can do online and offline for team building for innovation & collaboration.

Philosophical Question

This is my favorite session because you can really know people well, and you go deep in the conversations. For instance, this is the format I am using during our weekly networking events for Collabwith: Innovation Tea.  We set up a question at the beginning of the session, for instance “What are the key success factors for collaboration”, and then every participant has 10min to answer with arguments and own experiences. You can prepare 2-3 questions related to the first one, or follow up the different argumentation lines to continue the session. This session could be organize online or offline.

Brainstorming Session

You can organize a brainstorming session (a truly one, not a normal meeting) where one participant bring a “challenge to overcome” and the other participants write ideas. This session could be done online or offline Read more here about the Brainstorming 3-12-3, or 7 effective rules for a brainstorming, here.

Q&A for Innovation Teams

Innovation teams can create the open and transparent culture for innovation by organizing as well Q&A sessions with the innovation team and employees from other departments. You can prepare a list of typical questions, and it could be in a form of a panel. Keep in mind that feedback and questions from your employees will be the content for your communication plan inside the organization to create a better innovation culture. This event could be hosted online or offline.


This is very easy team  and relationships building event, that you can do online and offline. You can follow all the rules, or you can simple create an event where every participant present themselves in 20 slides in 20 seconds, including all aspects of their lives. And don’t forget to bring a stopwatch! Read more here.

Do you have another type of event you are organizing for your innovation and collaboration activities? Tell us your story via email:

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