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WEBINAR Legal Innovation: Understanding the GDPR and its application

Legal Innovation: Understanding the GDPR and its application.

Date and Time

This webinar will be hosted on Fri, Sept 11, 2020 at 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CEST. Add to calendar.

About this event:

This one hour webinar will guide you through data protection and privacy, explore the workings of the GDPR and teach you how to make your company GDPR compliant in just a few steps. This is open to anyone with a company in or outside the EU or to those who simply want to understand your rights as an EU citizen.

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Why do we all need to know about the GDPR?

  • General Data Protection Regulation requires that all companies comply with its rules – companies in and outside of the European Union
  • To have a better understanding of what companies can and can’t ask from you – know your rights as an EU citizen.
  • To know how to retrieve data from companies and how to enforce your rights
  • Learn about the challenges between the GDPR and other sectors

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  • learn about the GDPR and how it applies to you
  • Understand how to implement some of the GDPR requirements as an individual or company
  • Walk away with an understanding of the privacy and cookie policies that you sign
  • Walk away with the key tools to create your own privacy and cookie policy for your company

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Is this webinar right for me? 

  • Interested in understanding the European legal framework on data privacy
  • Curious to understand what your lawyers are up to
  • Want to ensure that your company is GDPR compliant
  • Concerned about your rights regarding your data
  • Attracted to learning more!

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Agenda for the Webinar:

  • Introduction to data protection and privacy
  • Overview of the GDPR and the rights
  • Requirements for companies
  • The GDPR and Innovation – their connection
  • Privacy and Cookie policy
  • Key tools to be GDPR compliant

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About the speaker:

Paulina Samovica is a young law graduate with a strong interest in data protection and privacy around the world. She has been part of the KNOWCO COLLABWITH legal team since May providing contractual assistance on the platform and content creation for the website.

Her knowledge regarding data protection stems from her most recent study titled “What implications does the GDPR have on third parties to the European Union? Is the GDPR leading the way for global data protection?”. This study explored the impact of General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (GDPR) worldwide, its implementation and the extent of influence within non-European countries. Focusing on the political, economic and legal implications of the Brussels Effect in the US, Brazil, China and Russia, the study reflected that the adoption of common legislation illustrating the global influence of the GDPR. Her study concluded that the GDPR has been key for setting a global standard, emerging as the dominant framework due to its extraterritoriality effect, providing a competitive platform for compliance assisted by international frameworks.

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Reading material:


This webinar is free for the members of the Knowco-Collabwith Community.

35€ for non-members of the Knowco-Collabwith Community (you can join the community here:

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Location & Contact:

Online Webinar: We will share the link to the webinar one hour before.

Contact Knowco-Collabwith: Jara Pascual / +31 684 55 22 59 /

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