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WEBINAR Mindfulness for Change Management from Organizational Change

Going from fear and uncertainty towards success and excellence.

Our Knowco Collabwith Community Member Pilar Creus is presenting the webinar on Mindfulness for Change Management from Individual Change to Organizational Change.

Going from fear and uncertainty towards success and excellence.

📎 Date and Time

This webinar has already happen. You can watch it on Youtube, click, here.

Fri, June 5th, 2020 at 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CEST Add to Calendar

📎 About this event

Why fear? Towards the success of a goal, fear is the main blocking agent found in both, individually or at organizational level. Moreover, both ignorance and failure are also fed by fear. Fear and insecurity show a lack of motivation and makes you feel like you are not able to do something.

There is a “belief system” inside of us, different for each human being, that acts in our unconscious. This determines how we think, how we act and the results we get in our life. Hence, we are what we think. Interestingly, not achieving your goals as planned, is the right time to assess how you are feeling about yourself.

Therefore, the way you feel about yourself, your self-confidence and your self-esteem define your thoughts. These thoughts are transformed into actions and these actions are key for the results you are getting in your life.

We have our life in a target system that involves repeated actions and persistence as well. Telling yourself “I can´t” will lower your self-esteem and confidence, reduce the success of any of the core actions that you take and prevent you from achieving your goals or objectives. Resulting in fatalism, that will induce inertia and laziness.

The choice of positive words (language) for self-talk are crucial in shaping the type of thoughts and inner conversations that you have with yourself.

We have an important and useful tool to manage all of this: Mindfulness, and it has been adapted to our society.

Mindfulness lets us deeply transform fear and insecurity, driving us towards a live with more consciousness, with a feeling of being able to achieve what you desire in your live and your organization.

Scientific researchers in USA, support that the awareness at the present moment, balances the nervous system, increases the feeling of being able, reduces stress levels, generates inner pace, increases emotional and social intelligence, expands wisdom and creativity.

When you are ready to go to work every day, how do you feel? Are you excited, inspired and very motivated about your daily challenges? Or quite the opposite, do you feel tired, and stressed? Are you frightened of going to work because you will face tasks, meetings and challenges that leads your day?

The truth is, we shouldn’t be feeling stressed, anxious or unhappy every day when we go to our workplace. We must achieve an inner state of joy, success and vitality in our job, independently of what type of job you have.

Dealing with change individually or at organizational level it can cause high levels of stress, fear, uncertainty and anxiety. Mindfulness is the perfect tool to raise your conscious level and be more present and focus in your daily tasks, improve your creativity, critical thinking and have the clarity to make the correct decisions.

Very likely you are not aware of how great your inner potential is, and how mindfulness can help to you to deal with change individually or in an organization.

I am looking forward to help you!

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📎 Why does I need this webinar?

📌 You will learn how the power of thinking works and how impacts your life

📌 How important is to use specific language for self-talk and the impact that it makes in our lives and jobs

📌 How your belief system is acting

📌 Learn how to manage fear, uncertainty and anxiety

📌 Learn how to take action, it is the difference between achieving success or not

📌 Learn what Mindfulness can offer you

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Knowco by Collabwith is creating a series of webinars to improve the knowledge and skills of their community on Innovation, Creativity and How to work together in a project by community members and knowco by collabwith partners.


📎 Benefits

📌 You will be more aware of who you are

📌 Find the beliefs which are limiting your success

📌You will be able to transform your belief system

📌 You will unblock your fear, uncertainty and anxiety

📌You are going to be more aware of why is important to take action

📌After this webinar, you will be ready to get Mindfulness in to your life

📌Set free of your fear either individually or within a organization

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📎 Is this webinar right for me?

Yes, no previous qualifications or courses are needed. Mindfulness is a technique that can be applied to all lifestyles, and jobs. This webinar aims to equip you with the right tools and boost your confidence to achieve your personal or business goals. If this is what you are looking for, this webinar is for you!

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📎 Agenda for the Webinar

📌 Fear

📌 From Uncertainty towards Opportunity

📌 Believe system

📌 Mindfulness: What is it and how can it help you

📌 Towards Success and Excellence

📌 Dealing with change from Individual Change to Organizational Change from the Genius Zone

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📎 About the speaker

Pilar Creus is an expert coach to manage change and how to deal with fear and uncertainty, using spiritual mindset, to achieve success and excellence. She is a speaker, and offers workshops, courses and one-to-one mentoring. She has helped a lot of entrepreneurs to improve their public speaking skills, achieve their business goals, find their mission and to have a successful life.

📌 Reading material: You are here (Tich Nhat Hanh)

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📌35€ for non-Knowco Collabwith Community Members

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📎Location & Contact

Online Webinar: We will share the link to the webinar one hour before.

Contact Knowco by Collabwith: Jara Pascual / +31 684 55 22 59 /

Knowco Collabwith is creating a series of webinars to improve the knowledge and skills of their community on Innovation, Creativity and How to work together in a project by community members and Knowco Collabwith partners.

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