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Do You Need Help On What To Do With Your Company during the Covid19 Crisis?

Do you need help on what to do with your company? Do you know how to deal with this situation? Do you have a plan? Do you need a framework?

Here, my personal journey as a Knowco Collabwith CEO “I remember, when I read the first message from Angela Merkel on the Covid19 prediction, I was thinking -This is about 2 years, and now we are closing schools, universities, cafeterias, restaurants, and other business that are not essential, so the economic impact is huge!- and what I did was to think about the impact of this crisis on my customers, my partners, my clients, and the platform members. I contacted some of them, I scheduled skype calls, and I received their first impressions. Further, I was re-designing the whole communication strategy to what it’s important now for my customers: Remote organizations, remote working, digitalization, how companies deal with this Covid19 crisis. And I asked myself, how my company can help to this Crisis without being opportunistic as well, I want to be honest and really help. My answer was to use my platform to gather the active businesses are doing something actual and helpful for fighting Covid19, talk to them, and make them visible, and conect them to their potential customers or partners to speed their support. Then, the other was how do I have to change my platform and business now for this crisis, knowing that universities will not buy my services now, or other partners will have not the budget to spend on innovation or challenges. Currently, I am working to help other businesses to understand this crisis, and how to make the right move in all the parts of their business, where now, it’s key to apply innovation, creativity and out of the box thinking!” I am here to listen to you. All the best. Jara Pascual.

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