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How to organize a Bootcamp?

“Bootcamp” is one of those buzz words that are being used lately in the innovation vocabulary. Bootcamps are found in business environments but also in accelerators and incubators and in companies that are dedicated to developing new forms of business and bringing startups to the market.

A bootcamp in an accelerator is a temporary environment where startups develop new ideas and prepare their speech and presentations for investors in a short space of time. In my experience it takes two to three days. No more.

A bootcamp in a co-operative environment is where one department or several departments have to generate a new business model or find solutions to a problem. This multidisciplinary team has to generate ideas, develop the concept and prepare a speech and presentation for the members of the general management or the executives of the company. It is usually done outside the company and two or three days are used.

A bootcamp can also be done in a multi-company, multi-industry environment to generate a radical change within society. Where different companies, investors and public bodies meet for two or three days to develop new ideas and business models for a particular industry, ending with a concept and a proposal to present within the respective institutions. It is done in a neutral and inspirational field and the theme is given above so that each participant comes prepared with ideas.

In a nutshell, a bootcamp has the following stages:

  • Presentation of the topic
  • Idea Generation
  • Classification of ideas
  • Selection of the best ideas
  • Concept creation
  • Discussion and modification of the concept
  • Creation of the business model
  • Discussion and modification of the business model
  • Preparation of presentations and speech
  • Discussion and modification of presentations and speech
  • If investors are present, the final presentation and speech is made to get the investment to start working!

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash