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Join the Masterclass: How to create High Performing Teams with Emotional Intelligence

A one day masterclass to become a powerful leader by improving your leadership skills and your team performance.


You will improve your leadership skills and your team performance

Colombia accident was a consequence of a bad team performance, with no communication between their team members and a problem with silos inside the NASA Engineering team.

You can know learn from the person who repair the Columbia Shuttle by creating a High Performing Team inside NASA using the emotional intelligence skills to create a safe environment.

COLLABWITH offers you the opportunity to learn from a real case in person with NASA Astronaut Charles J. Camarda, Prof. Dr. David Caruso from Yale University and psychologist Celia Avila-Rauch in one-day-masterclass at the ESA Innovation Center in Noordwijk location.

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NASA Astronaut Charles J. Camarda will present his experience working at NASA, and how he managed his crew to become a high performing team, repair the shuttle and go to space successfully.

High performance teams are the core of the motivation and productivity inside an organization, and the key of the high performing teams is to have and create a psychological safety environment. How is possible to create a psychological safety environment within new teams, virtual and remote teams, how to change an already existing team into a high performance team? Our answer is using Emotional Intelligence Skills.

We will have a case study from NASA, and the father of the emotional intelligence theory as a keynote speakers during the masterclass.

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Why does Team performance need Emotional Intelligence?

  • Performance is trust
  • Trust is not about intelligence, to generate trust we need Emotional Intelligence Skills to make the group be psychological safe and to perform and being all alienated to the same goal and emotion to be productive and safe.
  • EI skills are mathematics, it‘s a mechanic tool, we can all learn.
  • Performance is motivation, create a trust environment, and psychological safety to be able to communicate non-violent way with no competition and no assumptions.


  • 1 day masterclass of How to create high performing teams with Emotional Intelligence
  • Leader speakers and trainers, including the father of emotional intelligence skills from Yale University and NASA Astronaut with a case study
  • Masterclass material and activities.
  • Diploma “Emotional Intelligence for High Performing teams”
  • Including becoming a beta customer of the KOKORO app to measure the emotional engagement of your organization during one year.
  • Including 2 hours of coaching and supervision during the next month after the masterclass.

The masterclass also focuses on networking, providing a valuable platform to meet peers, discuss best practice, and interact with the masterclass team and other contributors.

Is this masterclass right for me?

The masterclass is for people who deal with new teams, project teams, relationships and partnerships. So it’s likely to be of most value for those who have either just moved into the role or those who wish to develop their role in management. They’ll most likely be working in corporate, startups, higher education, public sector organizations, and potentially also in Venture Capital and startups in charge of high performing teams with high commitments.

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This masterclass is also suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs who are building a new team for their new business and who wants to build a strong team and culture.
  • Professionals who are working with remote teams, and aim to have outstanding and creative results in a short period of time.
  • Leadership management who wants to improve their leadership skills with Emotional Intelligence Skills and wants to learn with practical case studies of extreme conditions such a NASA Engineering teams and Astronauts.

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Practical details:
Date and Time

Fri, September 13, 2019
11:30 AM – 6:00 PM CEST

Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk
1 Kapteynstraat
2201 BB Noordwijk
The Netherlands