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Entrepreneurship: The Toughest Spiritual Boot-Camp Ever

Entrepreneurship is more than ever the toughest spiritual boot-camp. It’s a great mirror of our spiritual awakening, our relationship with money, our self-worth, our true beliefs about abundance (of time, of money, of love, and of customers). When we promote a new product, we are ultimately promoting ourselves. We’re sticking our neck out, taking a stand for what we believe. There is no logo to hide behind. There is no boss who is at fault. There is no corporate policy to blame. We are the driving force of our venture. We are the driving force of our Lifework. No one else can do it!

The spiritual boot-camp of entrepreneurship is like constantly trailing the Himalayas: climbing a mighty peak, enjoying the top, controlling the descending path, resting in the valley, preparing for the next climb, and repeating this over and over again. How do you find your smile every single time? How can you keep challenging yourself to conquer the next and the next and the next peak?

Guess what? I have a 5-step process to joyously guide your enlightened entrepreneurial quest! A 5-step process that guarantees success and enlightenment with a smile.

1. Visualize. Every morning before you wake up, connect with the vision of how life will be when you’ll enjoy the Top. Imagine how you will feel when you reach the success that you seek. Who are you talking to? What are you wearing? What is the temperature of the room? What colors do you see? What smell do you perceive? Try to fill your visualization with as many scents as possible. Observe it all as if it were true now. Every day you will receive new information on details of your project that will ease your decision-making. Every day your confidence and certainty about the success of your project will grow. To make your visualization successful, it is of the utmost importance that you enjoy it! Immerse yourself in your image of success, let it sink in, let it grow in you every morning, every morning, every morning.

2. Upside down planning. Don’t plan with the vision of getting your entire to-do list done. Pupsideside down. Start with what you want to see happen in 5 years. Describe it in detail. Specifically, describe which details give evidence of your success. Then start thinking backwards. What would need to happen in 4 years, in 3 years, in 2 years, this year, this 6 months, this quarter, this month, this week, today? You’ll be amazed that the daily actions end up easy and comfortable. If you really divide the BIG task in tiny manageable steps, you’ll climb the mountain with ease and joy.

3. Ask for help. At some point in your planning, it’s possible that you will get stuck on something you don’t know how to do or you don’t want to do. This is the time to create an intention. Ask for the Universe to take care of it. You’ll see people appearing in your path with the answer. Don’t let them just pass! Grab the opportunity! We are in the age of interconnectedness. You alone cannot produce the transformation that you want to see in the world. You need to cooperate with others. Others will be able to support you with the things that you’re not good at and still need doing. More importantly, invest your time and energy in finding the relevant mentor for you. See which area of your spiritual bootcamp you need help with: beliefs, fear, strategy, tactics, etc. Accept that you need help, be ready for your mentor to appear in your experience, and take a leap and invest in yourself. I can tell you investing in the right mentor changed my entire life. I’m eternally grateful and you guessed it, I shall always have a mentor.

4. Take risks and build new habits. Positive thinking is not enough. If you want different results, you have to take different actions. Don’t just invest money in a mentor, invest in yourself and invest in your time, in your courage, and in your actions. Take your mentor´s advice seriously. Take action. The only way to build new habits is by taking action. Habits are chronic actions. Keep repeating and repeating and repeating (did I say repeating?) actions that expand your comfort zone, expand your spirit, and honor your abundance.

5. Celebrate. Let go of words like “amazing,” “miracle,” and “incredible.” When you consistently follow the first 4 steps, you’ll see your life and business transform before your very eyes.  You’ll be tempted to be surprised. Well, get used to it! You’re now living your lifework! You should celebrate your successes, but don’t label them impossible because they are your new normal. Celebrate it all! Celebrate when your results are different from your expectations both if they are above or below your expectations. Celebrate the journey! That is your quest!

So, this is the way I keep my smile every single day. I see it. I plan it. I ask for help. I take new risks. I celebrate!

Join me! Let’s enjoy this meaningful quest of entrepreneurship with a smile!

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash