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Are you ready for Collabwith?

First point, I am not doing brainstorming sessions, because I don’t believe this is a way to really, do innovation.

When, I was innovation manager for the first time, I joined a big corporate IT department where each team was in a silo, without talking to each other, and they hated innovation. Brainstormings, idea forums, design thinkings… and the rest of post-it activities were driving frustration and increasing the miscommunication of innovation. No, they were not helping at all.

Fine, another point, I am not doing design thinking, because I don’t believe this process is helping you with innovation. My focus is that you will get the tools to succeed with your innovation team, innovation projects, innovative organization and culture.

So, if you are one of those “no-more-brainstormings-please” professionals, then I can help you, and Collabwith is your tool. Here, at Collabwith we are only focused our effort on the “things” that work, we clarify terms, we help you with down-to-earth strategies, trainings, and tools.

Here, at Collabwith you will receive a weekly email with the European funding opportunities, so you know where to get the money to do projects for innovation. If you don’t know if you want to apply to those grants, or if you don’t believe that you can get one, then you can learn more about innovation and collaboration via our membership monthly workshops and masterclasses.

  • If you are interested to see the European funding calls, join for free the platform and directly go to the marketplace. Simple, direct and effective like a unique window for innovation funding.
  • If you want to keep all your collaborations in one place and not around emails, paper notes, drive, or notebooks, then you have to become premium (25EUR per month). It’s not free as to know the European funding calls , this service is paid, so you keep track of what was negotiated and agreed, and you remove at least 50% of misunderstandings that break down collaborations: .
  • If you are looking for a place to learn emotional intelligence for innovation, collaboration for innovation, selling innovative solutions, how to build an innovation culture inside your organization, how to learn the tools for entrepreneurship. You can get these trainings with the same membership above for 25EUR per month to access to 4 learning workshops and masterclasses per month to grow your mindset for innovation, capacity to sell ideas, manage your innovation projects, and learn how to manage conflicts:
  • If you are interested, but you don’t want to pay yet for your step by step learning innovation, you can subscribe to the monthly exercises for innovation and collaboration, get free exercises here and also learn from podcast interviews (role models and real stories, not science fiction here).

Let me know if you have questions, or you are interested to know more about the Collabwith platform for you as a SaaS-White label. Contact me, I am here to help you.

Jara Pascual, CEO Collabwith.