Premium Individual Membership

We have a premium membership for you to help you to connect the dots with opportunities, connect with the right people, connect to the right knowledge and technology to grow your business meanwhile you are more efficient by digitalizing the collaboration process and removing bureaucracy. You are committed to grow your business, and we help you to succeed with our platform technology and advice in innovation.

Receive inspiration from our weekly emails with Funding opportunities.

Network and chat in real time with other entrepreneurs, academics, innovation consultants and innovation managers in a secured and encrypted way .

Focus and create your own network of startups, academics and innovation professionals to brainstorm with substance and define how your future look like or your innovation community for consortiums.

Annual collaboration plan personalized for you and your organization. We will have a 10 minutes conversation every quarter to understand your needs, your strategy and check your collaboration progress.

Monthly innovation workshops using the methodology of emotional intelligence for innovation, collaboration and ecosystem canvas and frameworks based on exclusive template and methodology created by author Jara Pascual called “Collaboration Canvas”, that you will use before, during and after each collaboration for innovation or collaboration for research. This canvas is included in the book “Innovation and Collaboration in the Digital Era” written by Jara Pascual and published by DeGruyter.

Monthly mindset masterclasses with psychologists and certified coaches that share methodologies to manage your emotions and the emotions of your team and customers. The mindset masterclasses will help you to improve your leadership skills for your innovation projects and collaborations.

Monthly sales masterclasses with sales experts and sales directors that shared sales frameworks to help you to sale your innovative solutions. Why? Because if you don’t have sales, you have only a hobby, or you are playing with money from private investment or public funding. This means that if you are an entrepreneur you need sales to become a successful entrepreneur (spinoff or startups or scaleups).

Chat channels for premium members to share the monthly lessons and ask questions.

Access to pre-recorded interviews with experts to learn from actual cases, that you can apply in your business to lead innovation more effectively.

Access to new resources every month to build your innovation and collaboration capacity with step by step exercises that you can do during one hour.

Access to trainings to use as best and get the most out of the Collabwith platform to increase your success.

Platform exclusive features for a PREMIUM individual membership

This is a new technology to structure, digitalize and standardize collaboration for innovation, where you can get academic and industry knowledge and technology faster from your desk via our custom-made online platform and marketplace. We are reducing bureaucracy, so you can focus on your business and innovation.

  • Create unlimited number of Collaboration Requests to other members
  • Add your collaboration opportunities in the Marketplace
  • Add your developed technology in the Marketplace
  • Add your services in the Marketplace
  • Create your profile
  • Search in the academic directories
  • Search in the university directories
  • Search in the startup directories
  • Search in the professional directories
  • Search Collaboration Opportunities on Marketplace
  • Access to EOSC Marketplace
  • Recommend profiles to others
  • Create your own network of collaboration opportunities, startups, academics and innovation professionals
  • Receive our weekly list of funding opportunities
  • Send messages to academics and startups and get answered!

You are committed to grow your business, and we are committed to help you to succeed with our platform technology and advice in innovation.

  • Monthly price
  • *Excluding VAT
  • Annual price
  • *Excluding VAT

*VAT 21% is not included for the monthly and annual membership.
**FREE 2 MONTHS if you pay annual membership .
***The minimum membership duration is 12 months. Fees are due in full upfront of the agreed payment term (monthly/annually).

How can the PREMIUM individual membership help you?

  • Create opportunities to collaborate for innovation.
  • View opportunities to collaborate, match-made to your profile and organization needs.
  • Unlimited connections with academics, startups and other business professionals.
  • Featured Collaboration Marketplace to manage & attract opportunities.