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Collabwith in Prague: sharing insights at the 2022 Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age

Collabwith proudly participated in the 2022 Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age held in Prague from July 17th to 22nd. This event brought together 29 young women representing each EU member state, the Western Balkans, and Ukraine. We are excited to share updates from this memorable occasion, reflecting our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and empowering future female leaders.

The Summer School, designed as an immersive experience, facilitated enriching exchanges between international speakers and students. The atmosphere fostered hard work, creativity, and openness, leading to lasting connections. Collabwith’s participation was an honor and an opportunity to expand knowledge, exchange views, and connect with emerging women leaders against Prague’s enchanting backdrop.

Curated by an independent jury, the week-long program aimed to empower the #NextGenChangemakers, fostering their potential to shape the digital future actively.

Jara Pascual, Collabwith’s founder and CEO, was a prominent speaker, providing valuable insights to the gathering.

Beyond being an educational experience, the Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age serves as a platform for empowering women in the tech revolution. In a world emphasizing diversity and inclusion, events like these contribute significantly to a more balanced future. Collabwith’s presence added value to the collective knowledge exchange, fostering an environment where collaboration and innovation thrive, setting the stage for a more inclusive digital era for female leaders.

More information about the 2022 Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age are available here.

For a glimpse into this special week, check out the video below!


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