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Monthly Exercise: Innovation Communities Engagement



This week, I met again the Commissioner of Innovation at the European Commission, and this time, I did it! I gave her my book.

But, it was not easy, the first time I tried it, was November 2021, three months after the publication of the book. I was in Brussels for the EIC conference where they gave the European Innovation Awards for cities, women and Public Procurement of Innovation. At that time, I was a jury member of the awards, so it was planned to handsake everyone, including the commissioner and the winners, of course. But, I went to get the book which was inside my bag, and she disappeared (sorry, I have not my book glued to my hand all the time).

Another time, June 2022 I was in a panel about innovation ecosystems at the EU parliament with her! This was the perfect timing! But she arrived just in the time for her pitch, and she left after her pitch. So, this time, I had the book in my hand, I was sat 1 person away from her. No chance.

January 2023, I was doing the speech for the new opinion paper (approved with 344 votes) for women investment and women entrepreneurs, and our former pilot project approved (now it’s a mandate to EIB, and EIF to track data about women investment and women entrepreneurs) and our first report… just before this, I knew, the commissioner would stay longer, she would do her speech, and she would listen all the speeches and she…. well. I didn’t wait long.. I saw, I took the book (it was prepared in the corner table), I run into her. I gave her a copy of my book.

The chapter 6 of the book it’s about innovation ecosystems, how to structured, how to created, and how to make the three strategies to “make it run”, including the strategies of acquisition, engagement and interaction.

So, here, you have a PDF with 3 easy ways to go out of your comfort zone and create a community for innovation (online or in person).

Reference book: Innovation and Collaboration in the Digital Era.



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