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EUROPE INTERVIEW with Zygmunt Krasinski About How you can change Europe with one Working Group at a Time

Do you believe that change is possible? Do you have the courage to change the European rules to have a more inclusive and innovative Europe?

This is an interview on how the Chamber of Commerce of Poland support the rest of Europe to receive more European funding for Innovation and Research. Zygmunt Krasinski, who is the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology is talking about the role of the Chamber of commerce of Poland in Europe, and how when you have an opinion paper which portraits some issues on the Horizon2020, you can change the programs and support the rest of the European regions.

At Collabwith we believe in change and we believe in the positive impact of innovation and technology, and this is the reason why we support as an Institutional Partner at CETEF 2022.

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CETEF 2022

CENTRAL EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGY FORUM 2022. Join in person or online here:


The objective of the Central European Technology Forum (CETEF’22) is to create an international platform allowing for discussion of the European policy regarding the development of technical and technological fields which are decisive for the success of digital transformation. The participants of the Forum sessions will be stakeholders representing 16 countries of Central Europe, including: executives and management members of research and development centres and projects managers responsible for digital transformation, managers responsible for the development of technological infrastructure for industry and services, managers of companies specialising in design and integration of industrial automation systems and logistics automation systems, as well as representatives of institutions, ministries and government agencies distributing and allocating funds for supporting digital transformation in the European economy. Mariya Gabriel, acting as European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, and Peter Droell, acting as Director General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission are among the most prominent guests to participate in the Forum.

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