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EVENTS: RESEARCH WEEK at SURF How to Create an Innovation Ecosystem with Collaborations for Universities

How can Universities support the ecosystem?

Innovation Ecosystems is an effective way to leverage funding, opportunities, collaborate faster, leverage knowledge, support and networks. For this reason, let’s rethink the tech transfer offices, and forget a little bit the legal department legacy. Legal is fine and every collaboration should have good legal contracts, of course. But here, we want to create an innovation ecosystem with the university as a knowledge hub, so we need more than legal only.

The first thing to change is your mindset and the mindset of your university, because an ecosystem is a 360 degrees approach where every team and department is working towards this direction.

Innovation is when the innovative solution, research result or technology is adopted by industry or society. As we described, universities are the hub of inventions, knowledge, technology and results that can bring incredible value to the planet, lives and businesses.

Collaboration is the new password for everything, but do you know what does it mean at the innovation ecosystem level? And how can you move the competition mindset to collaboration mindset? A healthy innovation ecosystem is when members of the ecosystem interact between each other, support each other and connect to collaborate and innovate.

Research Week at SURF

Let’s celebrate RESEARCH WEEK at SURF where our CEO Jara Pascual has the honor to speak this Wednesday 11th May 2022 about Innovation Ecosystems!

To celebrate Research and Innovation at Universities I created this free guide, download here.

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And you can join all the Research Week events here:



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