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GREEN FRIDAY means Investing in Yourself with Knowledge, Networks and Learning

This is the week of crazy promotions but as well we have to reflect on what we are spending our money on. There is a new movement of Green Friday attached to Black Friday to consciously buy, from Green Friday to Cyber Monday.

We would like to join the week with the conscious mind of “buying knowledge” and “buying learning” for your development, access to networks, knowledge for innovation, access to funding and access to “simplify your work”.

Besides, this is an opportunity to help others in their journey of innovation. This is the week of being grateful as well, appreciating others by giving them access to the Premium Membership for their learning, access to networks and access to knowledge outside them for research and innovation.

Once we receive the full payment confirmation, we will contact you to ask for the details to whom you want to give the other Premium Membership.

What are the Benefits of Becoming Premium?:

Imagine a place full of like minded people to innovate and collaborate together.

  • Visibility & Insights: The platform will allow you to know whom academics, corporate innovators and startups want to collaborate, and be efficient with your industry and academic collaborations.
  • Increase Opportunities: Grow from multi-systems into an all-in-one platform for funding opportunities, knowledge from industry and engage with your community for collaboration.
  • Measure Impact: The platform focuses on tracking the number of collaborations between university-industry and academics-industry including scope, legal and payments.
  • Transform Mindset: We have created a methodology with frameworks to support you how to push your peers to collaborate, how to negotiate by applying to innovation and collaboration.

What else?


  • Monthly webinars about innovation ecosystems, tech development, open innovation, collaborative innovation, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Monthly masterclasses for your mindset such as managing conflict, high performing teams, managing burnout, setting goals, etc.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions as office hours to ask any question about innovation, entrepreneurship.
  • Do you need a mastermind such as a tech transfer office, entrepreneurship, innovation managers? We will set up for you.πŸ‘‰ Premium Membership.

Let me know if you have comments and if you are interested. We are here always for you –>

Get a Premium Membership and Receive another for Free

Green Friday is that you conscious buy…

+ buy knowledge instead of material things
+ buy learning
+ buy access to networks
+ buy to give back…

This is what we create for you to conscious buy.

Buy one membership for you, and give a another for free.

Win-Win for everyone, for the planet and for the future.



Collabwith is an innovation ecosystem platform that facilitates startups, academics and organizations to collaborate for open innovation. It’s a one-stop-shop including search engine, making requests, negotiation, legal and payment.

Collabwith is also a portfolio of services created to transform how you collaborate. We have personalized trainings, tailored made consulting and our own methodology for empowering innovation.

Grow your business and enable innovation through smart collaborations with our Collabwith approach for collaborating for positive impact.


Collaboration for Open Innovation Platform:Β