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BOOK OF THE MONTH: Self-Esteem Now from Mia Törnblom

At Collabwith we are working on emotional intelligence and how to apply those skills into innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. We have realised that many of the emotions we are feeling every day during our innovation journey have a component of self-esteem at the background. For instance, motivation is linked to self-esteem, assertiveness is related to self-esteem, etc, etc. This is the reason, this book is very important for innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship, because self-esteem is the basics for emotional intelligence and for success.

“I was listening to an instagram live between Mia Törnblom and Anine Bing, and I was fascinated by the way Mia was talking about self-esteem and linked to business and entrepreneurship. Mia is the coach of Anine Bing one of the most successful entrepreneurs in US and Denmark” Jara Pascual



About the book

If you have low self-esteem it doesn’t matter what you accomplish or how high you climb- you will always be afraid of the failure that is just around the corner, or that people won’t like you. You will never be able to truly feel secure in your achievements, but rather that you must constantly take on more, lest you be exposed as a bluff. Even though you thirst for acknowledgement, you find it hard to accept either complements or constructive criticism.

In this book, Mia Törnblom gives you the tools to strengthen your self-esteem, free yourself from fears, and become aware of your own intrinsic value. With clear and concrete practice methods, we learn what true personal development really is. Self-Esteem Now! Is a reliable friend to have on your side when life seems to be pushing you in the direction you don’t want to go.

About the author

Mia Törnblom, born 1967, is a Swedish success story and living proof that anyone can change their situation of the will and desire exist. Addicted to drugs by the age of 20, Mia spent almost a decade barely surviving on the edge of society. When she made the choice to change, Mia faced a tough climb. After working hard for a number of years and eventually studying psychology, Mia developed the concepts that have already helped many thousands of people enjoy a more whole, hones life based on solid self-esteem.

Mia Törnblom now works as a counsellor and persona development coach, and helps people find their way to a more positive self-image. She is a respected author, television personality and lecturer. Her clients range from sportspeople, actors and business leaders to addicts and prisoners, who like Mia, want to change their lives.

Self-Esteem Now! Has been a swedish bestseller since 2005.

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