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How to Apply to European Grants

We would like to make this article super simple, and we can say that there are grants where you can apply alone as an organization or project team such as EIC (European Innovation Council), Marie-Sklodowska Curie Grants, cascade funding (these are small grants for startups, innovative SMEs or teams inside organizations. These grants come from a funded grant which has created pilots opportunities with vouchers or funding for experiments), EIT programs and accelerators, InvestEU (private investment for projects), DIH (Digital Innovation Hubs) funding for pilots and other new hubs which are creating lately such as the DataHubs, etc.

And there are grants where you have to apply as a consortium (any size) as an industry you can apply to the Eureka-Eurostars,  Erasmus +, and NextGenerationEU program.

As individual researchers you can apply to the Marie-Sklodowska-Curie grant, to other public organizations such European Space Agency where they have a specific portal, and the European Research Council. 

As research consortium, you can apply to any innovation and research grants related to your industry and research topics, it is related to Horizon Europe, and NextGenerationEU program.

In the other side, you can become an expert evaluator at the European Commission and you can check here where experts are needed.

Links to the application portals:

At Collabwith, we are supporting you to find your best European grant to apply,  to create consortiums, from searching partners to support you in writing proposals. But also, you can go directly to our Marketplace to post your search, and find calls to apply.

Which Questions Do you Have to ask yourself before looking for your perfect Grant match?

  • What type of funding are you looking for? Innovation (go to market, adoption) , Research (deep research, discovery) or Consortium (sharing knowledge and applied research)?
  • Which are the sectors, domains and industry you are interested to apply your project, idea and organization?
  • How is your legal situation? Are you ready to co-create and share ownership of patents and intellectual property, or how do you handle legal and ethical issues?
  • What is the impact would you like to make with the European funding? Do you have a storyline where you explain the benefits for the society, industry and future of Europe?
  • Do you have preferred partners? As well, you have to be strategic about with whom you are collaborating.
  • How many resources do you have to participate in a consortium? Some calls, you need to add funds from your organization and you have to have clear team members capable to make the project happen.
  • Make a first one-page description of your organization and team, with the services and products you provide to the consortium, and how you would like to contribute to the European projects.

And as a quick note, don’t underestimate the preparation of the proposals and the leadership needed to make the consortium group as a real team that it’s high performing. Here, Collabwith again can help you to create a high-performing collaboration team for innovation and research. Check here our workshops.

Q&A Video Interviews about the Horizon Europe and EIC and how to apply:


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