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Report launch ”Closing the gender investment gap for a more resilient innovative inclusive and balanced economy”

We are happy to introduce you the final report “Closing the gender investment gap for a more resilient, innovative, inclusive and balanced economy”. This report is a summary of the 7 debates we hosted last year about the topic Women Investment and increasing European innovation by investing in women and diversity.

Thank you for The Knowledge4Innovation Forum in the European Parliament to trust to this new path we have opened and believing we can make it together. Thank you to the commissioner Mariya Gabriel for supporting The K4I Forum and Collabwith with our debates, report and balanced economy actions. A special thank you to the writing and analysis team: Jara Pascual, Dana Kremer, Carol Tarr, Robbert Fisher, Roland Strauss and Louise de Viry. And Galit Bauer for your moral support.

The financial institutions such as EIB, EIF are a key piece for the transformation, we come together to learn and make it happen. We are here to be leaders, leaders who create a new movement, that others will follow, for instance USA or China. Europe are unique with their diversity and intersectionality. And our system has to embrace it.  We have opened the door, the windows and our brains. There is a new paradigm, a new belief. We have to balance what is unbalanced. And welcome “equality as the new normality”.

We are introducing the 7 Balanced Economy Actions as part of a movement to create change in our society.

You can access to the report here with this link.

Click to access 2021-03-Report-Women-Investment-K4I-Collabwith-compressed.pdf

This is a report summary of the 7 debates we hosted regarding the theme of women investment last year after realizing that 30% of entrepreneurs are women, but they receive only 2% of the financing available (with the pandemic, this figure has even dropped to 1%). Numbers and statistics are explaining what is happening, but not why it is happening. The 7 debates we have organized gathered the qualitative information to understand the reasons behind the dramatic numbers. After a thorough analysis, we are proud to introduce the 7 Balanced Economy Actions to overcome the unacceptable numbers and to make it happen together.

Introduction of the 7 Balanced Economy Actions:

Action 1.Good data for good policy
Action 2.Co-responsibility for empowerment
Action 3.Dare to Dream
Action 4.Educate Society
Action 5.Networking and training
Action 6.Financial Ecosystem
Action 7.Recovery fund for balanced economy

Report, debates and balanced economy actions are created by The Knowledge4Innovation Forum and Collabwith.

Agenda and participants in the launch of the report:

MEP Lina Galvez
MEP Susana Solis

Roland Strauss, CEO The Knowledge4Innovation Forum
Jara Pascual, CEO Collabwith
Carol Tarr, Lecture Nyenrode University
Robbert Fisher,  Chair of the Board The Knowledge4Innovation Forum

Rebeca de Sancho Mayoral, EIC Fund and #EUInvest Adviser
Liina Laas, Founding Partner The Better Fund, Estonia
Marcella Hansch, CEO Everwave, Germany

MEP Lina Galvez conclusion

MEP Susana Solis conclusion





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