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PODCAST Bettina von Stamm about Exploring Innovation with Philosophical Observation

Our host, Jara Pascual, founder & CEO of Collabwith, today we have the true pleasure to talk to Bettina von Stamm, innovation philosopher.

Bettina von Stamm is innovation philosopher, author, lecture and member of the board of advisers of the Global Institute of Innovation. She will be speaker at ISPIM conference “Innovating our Future” on 20th-23rd June 2021 as a virtual event.

In this podcast episode of  “Business of Collaboration”, we will talk about her journey in innovation from design management to innovation processes to leadership to diversity to dark side of innovation, to holistic and to complexity.

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PODCAST ISPIM Bettina von Stamm about Exploring Innovation with Philosophical Observation
Business of Collaboration Podcast


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“I see my role as a facilitator, as a catalyst and as a inspirator”

“Innovation is to embrace the path of change to create value”

“There is no failure, there is only learning”

Bettina von Stamm   

Innovation Philosopher

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