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What is the Knowledge Expert Economy? Is this Innovation in Speaking?

Public speaking is an old and ancient science. It’s that old as human beings and how we are organizing ourselves in communities and how leadership is formed. Public speaking was a form of communication in the Ancient Greece and it was a place and a time for this, but also with whom. Philosophers and thinkers were mastering the public speaking science together with the politicians. Roman Empire was very well known by the retorik skills of their emperors and thank you to the films we can watch now how those skills were moving people to take action.

When I received an invitation to participate in the “Innovation in Speaking” conference I was immediately thinking on how to innovate something it is so old and ancient and human characteristic and skillset. Because I was remembering my old days at University where I was in the debate team, and I was learning the retorik science and skills during 4 years, and participating in the Spanish National University Debate League (LNDU). Public speaking for me is a feeling, it’s something beyond yourself, and it’s a connection you make with your audience and with you that it is so profound, that you create a special energy in the room.

Innovation is “creating value from creativity” and one of the things an expert is bringing to the table, it’s value. So, the innovation part could be attached to the “creativity” side of the definition and to the “how” you bring this value to the table. If we are looking at what is happening in our society now, and the new ways to bring value to our society with our expertise. In one hand, you see politicians creating value and in the other side you have “influencers”. These two examples of current leadership and power are a contraposition of the retorik science and where we can see an innovation when we do an intersection of both of them. For me, this is the knowledge-expert-economy, how to create an authority and retorik as politician with the broadcasting techniques from an influencer.  Here, my methodology I will introduce during the conference:

  • Define your profile (values, expertise, charisma, and how you can help).
  • Think your horizontals (themes, such as your core expertise, your main value, your purpose, your second expertise).
  • Create a plan with actions (aka, activities, content creation and media) to bring up your visibility, authority and accessibility.
  • Measure your impact! (set indicators such as number of interviews, number of followers, appearance, mentions and responsibilities)

And the question is: How can you create the same vibe you master in a room, into an asynchronous and virtual place?

You can watch here some interviews the organization of the Innovation in Speaking conference created for the event:

and here, you can listen the full interview with my journey about public speaking and how I am creatively using my retorik skills for innovation and to help members of the Collabwith Community with the knowledge-expert-economy:

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