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BOOK OF THE MONTH: The Fearless Organization from Amy C. Edmondson

This book is a must-have manual for innovation leaders and innovation managers, because it’s their job is to create an innovative organization and one of the key factors is to enjoy and manage a psychological safety organization. Innovation and an innovative culture is a consequence of a workplace where everyone can speak up and build ideas on other ideas.



I knew about Amy’s book “Fearless Organization from NASA Astronaut Charles Camarda where he was using Amy’s learnings and guidance for his work as Director of Research and Lead Engineer at NASA. Afterwards, our partner psychology Celia Avila-Rauch gave this book as a present” Jara Pascual, CEO Collabwith.

About the book

This book is written for leaders and teams, The Fearless Organization is a practical guide for creating cultures where knowledge and innovation flourish because people feel safe to contribute their ideas.

While many companies are investing in talent to compete in today’s knowledge economy, the best talent is wasted if people are not able to speak up. The human instinct to “fit in” and “go along” works against the continuous flow of new ideas, new solutions and critical thought necessary for companies to stay innovative. While not every idea will hit a home run, and organization’s culture must not suppress, silence, ridicule or intimidate.

The Fearless Organization offers a step-by-step framework for establishing psychological safety within a team and an organization. It is filled with illustrative scenario-based examples and provides a clear path forward for implementing a culture that thrives on the free expression of ideas and nurturing engagement.

About the author

Amy C. Edmondson is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School. Edmondson, recognized by the biannual Thinkers 50 global ranking of management thinkers since 2011, teaches and writes on leadership, teams and organizational learning.

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