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COLLABWITH a Pilot of the EOSC-DIH: EGI Check in Edugain and EOSC Marketplace Integration

The objective of this pilot EOSC-DIH was to enhance Collabwith services capabilities for academia- industry collaboration with EOSC services.


Any academic and scientific from European institutions can sign up and log in with their email and password from European Universities, and research centers.

EOSC Marketplace vs Collabwith Marketplace FIRST PHASE INTEGRATION

  • Connect EOSC Marketplace inside the Collabwith Marketplace as a first step of integration. An aggregator of challenges, research results, technology ready to transfer and collaboration opportunities including “partner search” for EU funding and funding calls.


  • Collabwith is a new service inside the EOSC Marketplace with the Collabwith Marketplace

Link to Collabwith provider on EOSC Portal.

Link to Collabwith Marketplace on EOSC Marketplace.

Official EOSC-DIH website of the pilot, link.

Conversation with Sy Holsinger about the KNOWCO4EOSC EOSC-DIH Pilot:

EOSC-hub receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 777536

Collabwith is a technology and a service to structure collaboration for innovation. It’s a tool to connect academics-startups-organizations. Because a tool is not enough to transform how you collaborate, here we have created a new methodology, personalized trainings, a new way of communication and a tailored made consulting for you to be more effective and efficient, now.

Grow your business and innovation through smart collaborations with Collabwith innovative and holistic approach to collaboration.

CollaborationXInnovation Platform

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